Always Been Yours Chapter 1325

When they returned home, they realized that Remus had been waiting for them. “Old Master Sawyer has been here for quite a while. Since you were at the hospital, he told me not to inform you,” Andrew reported while walking along with Nicholas.

Nicholas nodded and pushed Tessa into the living room. Upon entering the place, they saw Remus having fun with Gregory and Gordon.

The three of them were having a whale of a time, so they didn’t notice that Nicholas and Tessa had returned.

They didn’t have the heart to disturb the older man and the young kids either. Then, they asked Andrew what the kids had been doing while they were absent.

“Before Old Master Sawyer’s arrival, Young Master Gregory was playing with Young Master Gordon. After Young Master Gordon was done with his food, he went on to have fun with Young Master Gregory. They’ve been obedient, and no one cried,’ Andrew reported honestly with an amiable smile on his face.

Just then, the older man and the young kids, who were playing a game, finally noticed Nicholas and Tessa. “You’re finally back, Mommy and Daddy!”

Gregory joyfully strode toward Tessa. When Remus registered their presence, he asked caringly, “How was the check-up? What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor said that everything looks good. As long as I don’t give up and go through rehabilitation, I’ll start walking normally again.”

Tessa told Remus about her condition, but her focus was on the little guy in the older man’s arms. She hadn’t hugged her son for half a day. Now that she finally heard his voice, she had the urge to carry him in her arms.

Remus could tell that Tessa wanted to hold her son, but he wasn’t done with carrying his great- grandson yet. As such, he wasn’t willing to pass the little guy back to her.

With that, all of them had fun with the kids and chatted among themselves. The atmosphere was wonderful. At a later time, Kieran and Timothy arrived at the place. Their presence added some liveliness to the atmosphere.

Kieran was especially eager to carry his nephew, and he even dared to talk back. “Grandpa, you’ve been carrying Gordon for so long. Let me hold him.”

As he spoke, he eagerly extended his hands in an attempt to snatch the child from his grandfather. Nonetheless, he didn’t succeed as Remus moved away with the child in his arms.

“Get lost! Look at how comfortable he feels in my arms. Moreover, you made him cry earlier. Don’t even think about snatching him from me.”

Remus even dismissively landed a gentle kick on Kieran, who appeared aggrieved. “I didn’t make Gordon cry. He peed in his diaper.”

As he spoke, he sent a signal to Timothy. Although Remus had turned him down, he couldn’t possibly brush Timothy aside..

Nevertheless, Remus still refused to relinquish the child.

Furthermore, he had seen how Kieran sent at signal to Timothy, so he snorted, “Since you love kids so much, both of you should find your wives. Kieran, you’re pretty mature now, so you should get it done as soon as possible.”

“You already have two great-grandsons. Why won’t you let me off?”

Kieran felt his head aching and thought that he shouldn’t have tried to snatch Gordon from his grandfather.

Meanwhile, Remus had no idea what was on Kieran’s mind. As he entertained Gordon, he said slowly, ‘I don’t mind having more great- grandkids, for I love such a lively atmosphere. You should get a wife sooner to take care of you. That way, your sister will set her mind at ease.”

He was talking to Timothy when he said that. Timothy nodded obediently. “You have a point.”

Despite that, they quickly came up with an excuse and left the place to stop Remus from forcing them to get married.

As Tessa watched the two of them run away, she leaned against Nicholas’ chest and laughed. Nicholas’ lips curved into a charming smile as well.

Although Remus was displeased, he soon shifted his attention back to Gordon. On the other hand, after running away from Dynasty Gardens, Kieran and Timothy decided to head to a bar since it was still early.

RY Bar was one of the most famous bars in Southend. Every night, many wealthy young men and socialites would gather in this bar and spend lots of money to have an exciting night.

The moment Kieran and Timothy entered the bar, many people instantly recognized them.

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