Always Been Yours Chapter 1324

“Alright.” Edward nodded and left the place. When Nicholas was left alone in the office, he sported an inscrutable expression. He initially thought that if Susan returned to her own country and did something, he might not be able to deal with her.

Nonetheless, the woman decided to make a move while she was in the country, which was no different from digging her own grave. Meanwhile, Tessa was oblivious to everything.

After seeing her friend off, she went on to recuperate at home for half a month. On this day, she was supposed to head to the hospital for a check-up. In the morning, Nicholas pushed his work aside and took Tessa

to the hospital. When they arrived, a nurse brought Tessa to get her check-up.

An hour later, they entered the doctor’s consultation room. “Everything looks good for Miss Tessa. She’ll be able to start walking again in three months.” The doctor congratulated Tessa with a smile.

Tessa and Nicholas exchanged glances with joyful smiles on their faces. Then, Nicholas asked the doctor about Tessa’s condition. “Will she suffer from any sequelae after she recovers?”

“If she wants to recover fully and start walking normally again, she’ll have to go through rehabilitation. It’ll take her six months before she’ll be completely fine.”

The doctor then discussed the follow-up treatment. Naturally, Tessa agreed to it. On the other hand, Nicholas memorized everything the doctor said. At a later time, they thanked the doctor and left the room.

After leaving the hospital, they saw that Edward had gotten the car ready. When he saw the two of them, he tactfully got out of the vehicle and opened the door for them. Seeing that, Nicholas directly entered the car with Tessa in his arms.

However, after they got into the car, Tessa wasn’t willing to let go of the man. With a smile, Nicholas hugged her tightly and whispered, “What’s wrong?”

As Tessa listened to the man’s gentle voice, she felt as though someone had dropped a stone into the lake in her heart, forming layers of ripples.

She rubbed her face against the man’s firm chest and replied smilingly, ‘Nothing. I just feel that it’s great to have you with me.”

The smile on Nicholas’ face widened when he heard that. He took Tessa’s hands and said, “That’s what I’m supposed to say. Thanks for not leaving me.”

Hearing that, Tessa snuggled up to the man, her eyes curving into crescents. “I have to thank you too. Thanks for not giving up on me.”

As she spoke, she looked up at Nicholas lovingly. “After escaping from death’s door, I’ve come to realize many things.”

“What have you realized?” Nicholas looked curiously at her. Tessa’s lips curved into a sweet smile. “I’ve come to realize what really matters to me.”

While looking at his wife’s sweet smile, Nicholas didn’t interrupt her as he waited for her to continue.

Tessa went on to say, “After everything I’ve been through, I feel that nothing is more important than you and the kids. I’ll probably put my dream on hold to spend more time with you and the kids.”

Hearing that, an indescribable sense of happiness rose within Nicholas. He didn’t expect Tessa to be willing to put her dream on hold to spend more time with him.

After he recovered from the thrill, he landed a kiss on Tessa’s forehead and said affectionately, “Silly girl, we’ll stay together forever. Even if you want to chase your dream, that won’t be an obstacle between us. On the contrary, it’ll be a catalyst to strengthen our love,

Nicholas didn’t want Tessa to give up her long- time dream for him. Unbeknownst to her, Nicholas found her attractive and charming when she pursued her dream determinedly.

Tessa indeed knew none of those, but when she heard Nicholas’ words, she couldn’t help feeling content and pleased.

After leaving the hospital, they decided to have a meal first. They wanted to spend some time together before heading home. During the meal, Nicholas was considerate in every possible way. When they were done eating, they shopped around for a bit and went home.

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