Always Been Yours Chapter 1323

An airplane across the sky just then, and the loud noise made Susan come to her senses. “I suppose Hathaway and the others have left. Now, no one can stop me from doing anything!”

Upon finishing her words, she gulped down the wine and looked resentfully to the north. That was where Tessa was. “The show is about to begin, Tessa. You won’t always be so lucky!”

She put down the wine glass with a thud as the resentment around her seemed to have materialized. She decided to stay because she had to retaliate against Tessa.

Since her arrival at Xerthania, she would see news about Tessa every day. Furthermore, it seemed that Tessa had a lot of followers. It never crossed her mind that Tessa was so popular in the country.

Whenever she thought about this, she felt vexed. She used to own those honors. However, she lost everything because of Tessa.

Since I have nothing left, what right does that b*tch have to own all of those things? I want her to end up like me. I want her followers to dump her and start looking down on her!

After a moment of hysteria, Susan slowly calmed down. She walked toward the bed and picked up her phone from the bedside table. before calling her father. “Daddy, please send some people to Southend.”

“Are you planning on making a move?” Walter knew that his daughter had always wanted to retaliate against Tessa, but she was unable to do so due to some external factors. Susan didn’t deny it as she replied grimly. “She’s living her best life. It’s to the point where I can’t wait any longer to destroy her!”

“I know what you mean. However, there’s one thing I must ask of you. I hope you won’t make a move personally. Whatever the matter is, tell your subordinates to do it for you. Also, you mustn’t expose your identity.”

Walter wouldn’t stop his daughter from getting her revenge, but he didn’t want her to repeat the same mistake.

Certainly, Susan knew what her father meant. As a glint flashed across her eyes, she replied, “Don’t worry, I won’t make the same mistake.”

There was no denying Nicholas was powerful, but Susan had transformed into an entirely different person after hiding in the dark for so long. Walter had no idea what was really on his daughter’s mind.

Since she seemed to understand what he was trying to say, he went on to remind her, “By the way, the silicone mask on your face has to be replaced every six months. It’s about time now, so you have to come back and get it changed.”

“I’m not going back. Since your people are coming over, just tell them to bring the stuff to me.” Susan didn’t want to go back.

Walter didn’t intend to force her in any way as he said lovingly, “Alright, I’ll tell them to bring you the stuff. Take good care of yourself and don’t make me worried.”

“I got it.” Susan hung up the call with a smile. She felt that she shouldn’t have separated from her father to chase her dreams back then. Compared to her father, her ruthless mother was despicable.

Although she was now under Hathaway’s wing as her apprentice, she was still resentful of the woman.

If not for the fact that her mother ignored her will and made Tessa stay in the orchestra, she wouldn’t have ended up in such a state. Furthermore, her mother was always partial.

She couldn’t bring herself to kill her mother, but after she was done retaliating against Tessa, she would use her current identity to make her mother fall into a vortex of misery so that the latter would spend her entire life atoning for what she had done.

In the Sawyer Group’s presidential office, Nicholas, who was clad in a black suit, was dealing with work by the desk. He now appeared more mature and sedate than he used to be. Apart from the sound of his pen sliding across the paper, the room was silent.

Just then, Edward knocked on the door and entered the room. “President Sawyer, Hathaway and her orchestra have left, but Susan has decided to stay in Southend.”

He had asked some people to keep an eye on Susan over the past few days, for he didn’t dare to be negligent. His subordinates would report to him whenever something happened..

Nicholas wasn’t surprised by the outcome, for he had figured the woman was there to deal with Tessa. After giving it some thought, he snorted and ordered, ‘Continue to keep an eye on her. Inform me at once if there’s any news.”

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