Always Been Yours Chapter 1322

“Yeah, my favorite celebrity’s show is premiering today, but Reinhart’s news has covered it all up! ‘Personally, I think this Tessa Reinhart is pretty artful. On the one hand, she says she won’t be joining showbiz, but here she is, causing a stir online. What a disgusting b*tch.”

Tessa’s fans were instantly upset upon seeing such comments. ‘Sure, our muse is selling herself, but these trending topics have nothing to do with her.”

‘Our muse reached the trending topics because of her own ability. Some celebrities can be salty elsewhere.’ ‘Besides, my muse is such an inspiring figure. Reading news about her is always far better than seeing immoral celebrity gossip!

Those who were attacking Tessa online retreated one after another when they were faced with some of Tessa’s more aggressive fans. Not only that, but many netizens also agreed with the latter.

Honestly speaking, I think Tessa’s news does feel more comforting compared to tasteless gossip and celebrity divorces.”

If Tessa joins showbiz, she’ll certainly be at breath of fresh air in the industry.

Meanwhile, Alice related the fight online to: Tessa as an amusing instance.

Tessa, on the other hand, was rather surprised, for she didn’t expect herself to be so popular. Genuinely touched by those who stood up for her, she couldn’t help replying to a few of their comments.

‘I will return.’ ‘Well put. I’ll return a queen.’ ‘No need to argue with others. We’ll just do our thing. The fans and netizens who received Tessa’s replies were in seventh heaven, and they instantly buttered up to her.

‘Ah, my muse is an absolute sweetheart!’ ‘Okay, we won’t argue with them anymore. You have to get well soon!!

We love you, Tessa!” The following day, Tessa took Gregory to the airport early in the morning, for the Hathaway Philharmonic was returning to Vienna at this very moment.

Hathaway was rather surprised to see the two, and Mona was pleasantly surprised as well.. “What are you doing here, Tessa?” “I came to see you guys off,” replied the young woman with a smile.

Gregory, too, wrapped his little toddler arms around Mona’s leg from the side. ‘Can’t you stay a little longer, Miss Mona? I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss our little Gregory too, but I have to work and pursue my dream. I’ll come and visit you and Gordon again as soon as I have the time, alright?”

Aside, Tessa chuckled silently at their conversation before turning to Hathaway, pushing her wheelchair to her former mentor before handing the latter an exquisitely packaged box. “This is for you, Miss Hathaway. Inside is Xerthania’s uniquely famous tea.”

Mixed feelings enveloped Hathaway at once, but she still accepted the gift. “Thank you.”

“You’re too kind.” Tessa beamed, seeing that Hathaway didn’t turn it down. The two chatted for a while longer, and the atmosphere grew far more relaxed than before.

Just as the philharmonic had to leave, Hathaway gave Tessa her blessing. ‘Rest well. I’ll be waiting for your return in Vienna.”

Tessa nodded in acknowledgment before seeing them board the plane.

Mona was on cloud nine when she boarded the plane. For one, her good friend had come to see her off, and two, she could sense that things were getting better between Hathaway and Tessa. Perhaps things would alleviate further between the two with time.

At that, she scanned her fellow band members energetically only to find Susan missing. “Miss. Hathaway, everyone has boarded the plane except for Susan. The plane’s taking off soon. Should I go look for her?”

“No need for that. She wants to stay for a few more days and will only return later,” Hathaway explained. Mona nodded without suspicion and returned to her seat at that.

Meanwhile, Susan stood behind the floor-to- ceiling window of a five-star hotel with a glass of red wine in her hand, overlooking the busy street below her expressionlessly.

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