Always Been Yours Chapter 1321

Looking at how relieved her friend was, Tessa smiled even wider as she felt it was very fortunate and happy that she had a friend in life who cared about her so much.

Then, they talked about the music festival last night before slowly shifting the attention to the children.

“Where’s Gordon? Didn’t you say that the little tyke loves to cling to you? Why hasn’t he made a fuss about wanting to find you after you came out for so long?” Mona teased.

Smiling, Tessa explained, “He’s playing with his grandmother in the garden right now. Since he’s having such a grand time, he won’t be thinking about me.”

“No wonder.” Mona smiled before taking out a small gold pendant and handing it to Tessa. “I was shopping with my colleagues a few days ago when I saw this. I thought it suited Gordon, so I bought it in the hopes that he would grow up healthily.”

Although Tessa did not reject this gesture, she still nagged, “Don’t buy these things next time. Gordon can’t even wear everything you’ve given him.”

“It’s fine. I’ll still bring another one next time. Besides, I’m their godmother, so it’s natural for me to buy things for them,” Mona retorted perfectly.

Laughing at her response, Tessa replied, “You sure are a hardworking godmother.” Just like that, they spent the entire morning chatting in the living room.

When it was time to leave, Mona was still reluctant to do so. This was because as soon as the orchestra was done with their performance, she would have to follow them back.

Before she left, she hugged Tessa gently, stating, “Get well soon. I’ll be waiting for you in Vienna.” Tessa patted her good friend on the back and replied with a gentle yet confident tone, “Don’t worry. I will go back.”

“Your words assure me.” Standing up, Mona looked at Tessa endearingly before she left. Tessa watched as Mona got in her car and drove away, going back into the villa upon seeing that her friend had left.

However, her heart was wavering after Mona left. Truth was, after watching Mona’s performance yesterday, she missed the feeling of being onstage.

Yet, she was also thinking about Gordon since he was still young.

Besides, her wounds still had not fully recovered. In the end, she managed to keep her cool. I’ll have loads of time in the future. Let’s not rush this. The utmost importance is to get better quickly.

After thinking it through, Tessa felt her mood. improving as well. Just as she was about to go to the garden to find Stefania and her son, her phone rang-it was Alice.

“Hello?” “Tessa, the video edit of your baby’s one-month- old party is finished. I plan to release the clip of you playing the violin at the party to maintain your popularity. Is it okay if I do so?”

Alice went straight to the topic. Naturally, Tessa did not have any objection since it would benefit her. On the same afternoon, Alice used Tessa’s Twitter account to upload the video.

Soon, the video was trending among her fans who all missed her a lot. ‘My muse finally posted. Today is a good day.”   The moment my goddess showed up, I cried.. She’s so thin now.

‘I cried too. Seeing how she played the violin in the wheelchair broke my heart. ‘This is too hard to bear. How could anyone bring themselves to hurt such a beautiful human?’

‘Seeing my muse like this makes me think Wanda’s sentence was too light.

In the video, Tessa was seen sitting in a wheelchair. Even though she had slimmed down a lot, she was still the queen of music that everybody loved.

Her fans were all excited. Furthermore, the comments under the video increased. Sometime after, the new comments were like motivational words.

‘We’ll be waiting for our queen to come back!’ ‘Get well soon! We’ll be waiting for the best to come back!’ ‘We will never abandon or forget you! We will always wait for you!”

Because of her fans’ influence, Tessa was trending online all day long, and it was due to this that people started to insult her online.

This Tessa fellow is going a bit overboard, isn’t she? She’s already hurt, so why isn’t she focused on her recovery? Why is she trying to remain in the public view?”

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