Always Been Yours Chapter 1319

“Why did you not tell me what happened?” He looked at Tessa with fear and panic in his eyes. Noticing Nicholas’ hands trembling, Tessa grabbed onto them while comforting him.

“Don’t worry about it. Besides, I’m fine, aren’t I?” Nicholas looked at his gentle wife and held her hands tightly. “Thank heavens you’re fine.”

Although he stated that, Nicholas was not planning on letting this go either. Even if someone bumped into her, she was in a wheelchair, so there would be some amount of resistance.

Also, even if she did move, it would only be minimal. Her wheelchair couldn’t be pushed to the middle of the road. In conclusion, this was intentional-someone made use of the chaos and shoved Tessa. “Edward, look into this matter.”

“Understood.” After receiving the order, Edward left. It was then the others reacted to his words and discussed amongst themselves.

“Does President Sawyer mean to say that someone pushed Miss Reinhart on purpose?” “Now that you’re talking about it, I also think

that even if someone bumped into her, Miss Reinhart would not have been pushed to the middle of the road.” “My word. This is terrifying.”

“Who could be so evil as to want to harm Miss Reinhart?” Hearing the gasps from the public, Tessa had at dark gaze as she was also curious about the person that planned this..

That night, she did not go to the party because Nicholas was worried that the mastermind might have hatched another plan after this one failed and made a move there and then.

After the two left, one of the staff reported this to Mona. Mona, who heard that Tessa was almost met with a car accident again, felt that her back was being coated with a layer of perspiration.

“Is Tessa fine?” she asked the staff. The staff replied, ‘Miss Reinhart is fine. The car managed to brake in time. But, from what President Sawyer stated, it seemed like someone shoved Miss Tessa from behind on purpose.”

When Mona heard that, her face turned pale. It was not Tessa’s fault for leaving so abruptly. In Mona’s eyes, after going through such an event, Tessa should rest up first. Besides, she was still a patient.

At the same time, Mona knew that Nicholas would not let this go, so she ordered the staff member, “If President Sawyer sends someone to investigate this, tell them to be cooperative.”

Meanwhile, Tessa did not know all this was happening. Just as she returned home, she heard Gordon’s cries coming from the living room. “What’s wrong? Why is Gordon crying so loudly?”

After she said that, she did not wait for Nicholas to push her wheelchair, she immediately wheeled herself to the living room.

In the living room, Stefania was pacing around the living room with Gordon in her arms. “Oh, my sweet grandson, stop crying now. You’re breaking your grandmother’s heart.””

She coaxed the little guy while urging the servant. “Is the milk ready yet? Gordon is hungry.”

“It’ll be ready in just a minute,” the servant replied before shaking the bottle and handing it over. Yet, Gordon did not want the milk at all; he merely waved his hands and tussled about.

At that moment, Stefania felt her heart shattering into pieces. She was panicking. moving about, and comforting Gordon, all at the same time.

These days, because Stefania could not bear to just leave her grandson, she stayed in Dynasty Gardens to take care of him, yet she had never encountered the baby crying so loudly before.

With the same thought in mind, Tessa quickly reached out from the side. “Stefania, could you hand Gordon to me?”

Although Stefania was a bit surprised to see her, she did not ask too much and handed Gordon to her. It was unclear whether Gordon recognized Tessa’s voice, but he instantly stopped crying the moment she hugged him.

Looking at the still teary-eyed baby, she felt her mind turning into mush. “Looks like he misses his mommy.” She then touched Gordon’s nose endearingly. Even though he did not understand her, Gordon still smiled sweetly at Tessa.

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