Always Been Yours Chapter 1318

“It’s great that nothing happened.” “I was so scared just now.” “I covered my eyes and didn’t dare look; I was afraid that I would have nightmares at night.” The crowd whispered among themselves.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the man had a change of heart toward Tessa, who had apologized for her actions. Though still a bit annoyed, he had cooled down significantly.

“You know you have limitations, so don’t cause trouble for others,” he lectured her sternly but with a kind heart. In the end, he sent her back to the staff, saying, “Take care of her. Not everyone can react as quickly as I did.”

“Thank you, sir,” the staff replied and nodded, grateful for his help. During this time, Tessa smiled while remaining silent, but her eyes had a hidden agenda.

After seeing the man off, the staff immediately. checked on Tessa and asked with concern, “Miss Reinhart, are you okay?”

Others joined in, saying, ‘Do you want to go to the hospital for an examination?”

“I’m fine,” Tessa reassured them while scanning. the crowd for something.

Even though she didn’t know what had. happened earlier in the crowd, she could sense that someone had deliberately pushed her onto the busy street.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t find anyone suspicious after looking around. The staff’s voice came again. “Miss Reinhart, perhaps I should take you to the hospital to get an examination.”

‘No worries, I’m fine. That gentleman didn’t hit me.” Tessa rejected the offer before urging everyone to leave. “We need to head back to the hotel since the banquet is about to start.” The staff agreed since she seemed okay, and

soon, the large group of people left in different cars. Not long after they left, Susan emerged from her hiding spot.

“Tessa is truly lucky to survive something like that!” Susan watched as Tessa left, feeling pity while clenching her fists in anger.

For some reason, she remembered what Tessa had said to her in the theater. “Since I haven’t done anything wrong, Heaven has shown me mercy. But you have, and you’ll get what’s coming for you!”

She didn’t believe in karma, she only believed in taking matters into her own hands.

Even if she couldn’t kill Tessa today, she was sure she’d be successful someday. Susan silently swore to herself and gradually. calmed down afterward.

Although she wanted Tessa dead, she also knew that she couldn’t make any moves for now. After all, this was Xerthania, the stronghold of the Sawyers. If she acted. recklessly without absolute certainty, she would definitely be discovered by Nicholas Sawyer.

She didn’t want to end up in prison again before getting revenge.

Let’s just wait and see, Tessa Reinhart. As soon as Tessa got out of the car and arrived at the hotel, she saw Nicholas standing at the door.

She was slightly surprised to see the man walking straight toward her. “Why are you here?” she asked. “I was worried about you, so I came to check on you.”

Nicholas bent over slightly to help Tessa tidy up the loose hair around her cheeks and asked, “How do you feel? Are you tired?”  “I’m okay. I don’t feel very tired.”

She smiled sweetly at him. Meanwhile, the nearby staff members watched their interaction and felt that the scene was too beautiful. He helped Tessa tidy up her clothes and continued to ask, “Was the performance smooth?” “It was pretty smooth.”

Just as Tessa finished speaking, someone in the crowd couldn’t help but speak up. “Are you sure? Miss Reinhart almost got into another car accident just now.”

The voice wasn’t very loud, but it was loud enough to be heard by Nicholas. His smile disappeared instantly, and he promptly found the person who spoke among the crowd.

“What happened?” he asked coldly. The person was taken aback, not expecting Nicholas to find him so quickly. “While we were waiting for our rides, someone behind us bumped into Miss Reinhart and pushed her onto the busy road.” As soon as those words were spoken, Nicholas’ expression darkened.

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