Always Been Yours Chapter 1316

Mona wasn’t scared in the slightest. She warned coldly, “It’s you who should leave. Tessa is my distinguished guest, and I’d advise you to be careful with your actions.”

With those words, she forcefully shook off Susan’s grasp, causing the woman to clench her teeth and tremble in anger. However, Mona paid her no mind and led Tessa to the VIP lounge.

Susan watched their every move with a bitter gaze and suddenly laughed. “Oh, to ride on the coattails of her son and become the legitimate madam of the Sawyers. It’s no wonder she’s so full of herself now and has the power to reprimand others this way.”

Tessa couldn’t help but notice the sarcasm in her words.

She wasn’t one to be trifled with, though, so she fired back. “Mona, did a dog sneak into the concert? I swear I heard one barking. Perhaps you should ask security to check it out. We wouldn’t want a barking dog to scare the audience tonight, would we?”

She deliberately avoided Susan’s gaze and looked around her seat as if searching for something. Mona couldn’t help but laugh out loud at her friend’s sharp retort.

Nonetheless, she played along. “Perhaps there is one here. I’ll go and get security right now! Susan’s face turned red with anger as she listened to their conversation.

Just as she was about to explode, Hathaway’s assistant arrived. “Susan, Miss Hathaway wants to see you.” Hathaway had noticed the situation over here.

Knowing that Susan and Tessa were at odds, she separated the two to avoid any conflicts. Susan also knew exactly why Hathaway was asking for her, so she followed along. After all, she still needed her help and didn’t want to make things any worse.

As she watched Susan leave, Mona breathed a sigh of relief and complained, “I have no idea why Miss Hathaway would accept someone like that into the group.”

“Alright, never mind what Miss Hathaway’s intentions are. The most important thing right now is your upcoming performance. You should go prepare for that. Don’t worry about me.” Tessa urged her friend to head back to the backstage area.

Mona nodded in response, gave a few instructions, then headed backstage. After all, they had lost quite a bit of time earlier. That night, the show started off with a packed venue.

As Tessa watched her friend confidently take the stage, she felt happy and proud of her. She applauded with all her might and cheered her friend on from the bottom of her heart.

The performance on stage was also incredibly impressive.

Mona’s musical skills had matured greatly, and she had gained a measure of fame in the music industry. As such, the atmosphere at the concert was truly electric.

After the group performance, Mona had a solo act. Watching the person that she once stepped on now shining brightly on stage, Susan couldn’t help but feel a burning hatred in her heart. “Mona and Tessa, I won’t let you b*stards get away with this!”

These were supposed to be her moments of glory, after all. She was supposed to be the only star and first chair of the Hathaway Philharmonic, but everything was ruined when Tessa came along. This b*tch stole her spotlight, and now, even Mona was overshadowing her! There she was, just a mere spectator!

She hated it very much. All of her misfortunes were because of Tessa, so why did this b*tch get to live a better life than her? At this moment, a strong desire to kill flooded her heart, and she couldn’t help but look toward Tessa in the VIP seating area. If only this woman would just die…

The Hathaway Philharmonic performed smoothly, and the audience applauded incessantly when it ended. Tessa was even happier about her friend’s achievement and went backstage with some flowers, wanting to be the first one to offer her congratulations.

Everyone backstage was busy, but their faces. were filled with joy. Several people noticed Tessa’s arrival and politely greeted her, ‘Miss. Reinhart.”

She nodded back to each greeting. When Mona saw Tessa coming, she quickly stopped what she was busy with and hurried over. “Why are you here?” “Congratulations on a successful performance.”

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