Always Been Yours Chapter 1315

Nicholas instructed Mona seriously and didn’t hesitate to repeat his number just in case. She bobbed her head and promised, “I’ll take good care of Tessa.”

He nodded and gently reminded Tessa to be careful before departing. After he left, Mona pushed Tessa into the theater and saw Hathaway, who was greeting her friends and colleagues in the hallway.

Mona looked down at Tessa, silently asking if she wanted to go over, to which Tessa nodded lightly. As they neared Hathaway, Tessa greeted her with a small smile, “Miss Hathaway.”

“Miss Tessa.” Hathaway smiled and nodded as she scrutinized her worriedly. “How are you feeling? I heard about the accident and have been following it online.”

“Thank you for asking. I’m feeling better now.” Tessa politely answered her.

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Hathaway excused herself as she had to deal with other matters while Tessa and Mona went to find Tessa’s seat.

As they conversed during their journey, they didn’t expect to bump into Susan, who looked as though she was deliberately searching for them. “Why is she here?” Tessa frowned in confusion.

Mona quickly explained, “She became Miss Hathaway’s protégé not too long ago. But she’s still suffering from her broken arm. So, she still can’t play the violin. Her position in the orchestra is a little awkward. I know you don’t like her, so I didn’t think of telling you in case it spoils your mood.”

“Indeed. I don’t like her,” Tessa didn’t deny her dislike of Susan. Of course, no one would like someone who had repeatedly tried to harm them.

Just as they wanted to pass by, Susan blocked their path. “Oh, my. Isn’t this the famous genius musician Miss Tessa, the young madam of the Sawyer Group? How did you end up in a wheelchair?”

She looked mockingly at Tessa with deep malice in her eyes.

But before Tessa and Mona could respond, she continued talking with a mean and bitter expression. “Oh, forgive me. I forgot that you were involved in a car accident. It’s such a pity. Why didn’t it just break your leg completely?”

“Enough, Susan. Today’s the orchestra’s performance day. Miss Hathaway was being nice to take you in. Don’t you dare try anything!”

Mona couldn’t bear to see her friend being bullied and didn’t hesitate to step in and reprimand Susan for her terrible behavior.

Susan shot her a cold look with eyes filled with disdain. “Such a loyal dog. What did Tessa give you for you to protect her like this? Why don’t you just follow after her heels like the mutt you are since you’re so loyal, hm? Why are you still staying in the Hathaway Philharmonic? You ungrateful witch!”

Mona and Tessa’s faces turned dark at her words.

Tessa shot daggers at Susan. “Maybe you should look at a mirror before running your mouth. Who are you to say things like that about other people when you are filled with malicious intents? Do you think everyone thinks the same as you do?”

“Who are you calling evil, Tessa?” Susan was furious and glared at her intensely.

Tessa wasn’t the least bit intimidated and merely graced her with a sneer, “Why? Scared to admit it? Even if you don’t admit it, God is fair. You are living proof.”

“What nonsense are you spewing now?” she demanded hotly, not understanding Tessa’s hidden implication.

Tessa chuckled lightly, “Oh, my mistake. I forgot I was talking to a rabid dog for a moment. Let me dumb it down for you. We were both involved in an accident, but because I had never done anything against my conscience, God granted me his mercy, and I escaped unscathed. But it’s different for you, no?

You, however, are practically evil incarnate, and He would never protect those who are undeserving of his benevolence. That’s why you can’t recover. This is your karma.”

She emphasized the last sentence. Susan was utterly infuriated by Tessa’s remarks as they had hit right at her sire spot. The thing she cared about the most was her hand injury, and Tessa actually had the gall to say that she deserved it.

“B*tch! You are the reason my hand is in this state. Who are you to act all high and mighty with me here?!”

Her eyes were bloodshot, and she wanted to step forward to hit Tessa. But, as soon as she moved, Mona grabbed onto her wrist. Susan was about to explode from fury that she was stopped, so she snarled, ‘F*ck off!”

She glowered fiercely at Mona as if she was going to eat her alive.

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