Always Been Yours Chapter 1314

Everything would be fine if that b*tch died! The hatred in Susan almost consumed her as she thought about what a good life Tessa was living now.

How can that woman live so happily now, but I have to live like a mouse in a gutter and hide?

“I swear, Tessa, that I will take my revenge for the pain you inflicted on me. I will make your life even worse than hell for hurting me!”

Susan hissed through gritted teeth as the veins bulged on her forehead, making her a rather terrifying sight. Susan loathed Tessa now more than ever and truly wished Tessa dead.

In her opinion, it was Tessa that led to all of her misfortunes. If it weren’t for Tessa joining the Hathaway Philharmonic, she would still be the brightest lead violinist in the orchestra!

Tessa ruined her career. She even destroyed her hands. Her dreams!

Susan’s hand had recovered a month ago, but she hadn’t been able to play the violin. Until now, she still remembered the exact words the doctor said.

“Miss Susan, the injury is severe. Even if you take good care and recover well, there will still be irreparable damage to your nerves. This will affect you when you play the violin.

Susan couldn’t believe it when she heard that. She had played the violin all her life. So, she couldn’t imagine a life of not playing it.

After that, she practiced every day just to prove that she could do it. Alas, the results were devastating. Eventually, she stopped trying and began wallowing in her despair.

She drank alcohol every day like a madwoman, wasting herself away. In the end, her father couldn’t bear to see her in that state and asked Hathaway to help her.

Hathaway accepted her back into the orchestra, probably because she pitied Susan and felt that it was an utter waste of talent for her to continue being in such a state.

“I know you’re hurt and can’t continue playing the violin because of your injury, but you can’t just give up because you’re facing some difficulties now. When there’s a will, there’s always a way.”

Hathaway tried to console Susan after seeing her giving up on herself.

Then, she taught Susan some techniques, so that would ignite some fire in her to work hard. Fortunately, it worked, and Susan grasped onto those techniques like a lifeline..

Unfortunately, the obstacles in relearning the violin weren’t something most people could endure. When she recalled the pain that she had endured during this time, she was filled with such vitriol that it gave her tunnel vision.

Even so, she still couldn’t play the violin like she used to. “Karma’s a b*tch, Tessa! Just you wait!” Susan cursed through her teeth.

The reason she came with the Hathaway Philharmonic was that Hathaway noticed how miserable she was. So, Hathaway wanted her to come along for a change of scenery.

Yet, this only triggered her further and. deepened her resentment toward Tessa. Tessa, on the other hand, didn’t know about this. On the day of the performance, Tessa started getting ready early in the morning.

Since this was the first time her good friend acted as the concertmaster, she was going to dress to the nines just to show her support. Secondly, she wanted to show respect toward Hathaway, her ex-teacher.

This was also her first appearance in public after giving birth. So, she had to be cautious as well. In the evening, Tessa was finally ready to leave after enjoying some scrumptious dinner with Nicholas and Gregory.

Gregory nagged worriedly beside her, “Mommy, you have to take care of yourself and come home early. I’ll be waiting for you with Little Brother.”

“Okay,” Tessa answered with a smile and left with Nicholas alongside her. Nicholas drove her to the theater entrance and carried her out of the car before carefully placing her into the wheelchair.

Mona had been bouncing on her heels as she waited at the entrance since Nicholas had already informed her of their arrival. So, when she saw them, she stepped forward and greeted them, ‘President Sawyer. Tessa.”

“I’ll leave Tessa in your hands tonight. Call me if anything happens.”

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