Always Been Yours Chapter 1313

After some time, Timothy left with Sabrina as they had company matters to attend to. Mona moved to sit beside Tessa and suddenly commented, “The people here are too shy in expressing themselves. They waste their time overthinking, worrying about nothing and everything. It’s so different from the people in Vienna.

Tessa was a little taken aback by those words but immediately caught on. She chuckled, “It seems like you also noticed that Sabrina has feelings for my brother.” “I knew she liked him the first day I saw her with him. Anyone with eyes can see that. It was so obvious.”

Tessa shrugged, “It seems like everyone knows, but the one who should know still doesn’t see it.” “That can only mean that he’s blind.”

Tessa couldn’t agree more with Mona’s comment and teased, “Maybe God gave him great intellect in some matters and took away his emotional intelligence.”

Then, they both continued the conversation regarding relationships. As for Timothy and Sabrina, they weren’t planning on interfering since it was personal.

For the next two days, Tessa stayed home as usual. When she was free, she would play with her children. Sometimes, she would sit in the garden with Mona. It was an idyllic and peaceful time.

A few days later, the Hathaway Philharmonic made its appearance at Southend. Their arrival also signaled an end to Mona’s constant companionship as she was joining rehearsals for the performance.

Before she departed, she handed an invitation to Tessa and beamed, “This is the first time I’m playing as the concertmaster. You have to come!”

“Of course. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Tessa accepted the invitation and encouraged Mona, “Good luck with practice. Break a leg!” Mona nodded. “I will.”

At the same time, Susan was watching the news on her phone with a dark face sitting in the hotel the Hathaway Philharmonic had settled into.

Even though many days had passed since the Sawyer Family’s baby shower, news about Tessa never stopped.

Since she could move about now, Tessa didn’t really have anything to fill her time with. So, she would often post pictures online and interact with her fans.

For example, today, she had just posted a group of pictures of Gregory playing the violin for Gordon.

In the photo, Gregory was facing the camera while, opposite him, Gordon was waving his hands as if he was conducting Gregory’s playing.

The fans all commented on how adorable they looked. Gregory’s serious face had even garnered many gushing remarks from the ladies of various ages. This is just making me want to have a baby of my own.

‘I suddenly want to have a redo and make sure to educate my child just like my goddess after looking at Gregory ‘I think to have such a brilliant son. We have to first look for an excellent man like President Sawyer.

Some were talking about the children’s education, while some were pleading for Tessa to show Gordon’s side profile.

I’m not asking for a full picture. Please show Gordon’s side profile. Pretty please! ‘Same. I’m really curious what President Sawyer and my muse’s son look like.

‘The little guy definitely inherited all the good genes from his parents and will turn out to be a handsome man.’ The conversation gradually went off-topic.

Some fans were even joking about matchmaking their daughter to Gregory and Gordon in hopes of bringing those good genes into the family.

Tessa would also pick a few interesting comments and reply to them. So, she was very welcomed online. Susan saw how everyone liked Tessa as she read the news online, which made her green with envy.

“What’s so good about that b*tch? Why does everyone like her? She’s not worthy of being called a goddess!” Hatred filled her eyes as she glared viciously at Tessa’s posts online. Why? Why didn’t she die in that car accident?

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