Always Been Yours Chapter 1312

Tessa carefully held Gordon in her arms. Now that he was full, he had become a rather squirmy yet adorable little caterpillar. As she inhaled the unique newborn baby scent emitting from him, she couldn’t help but kiss him gently. “My baby smells so good.”

“Ahh.” He thought she was playing with him and cooed joyfully while waving his hands around.

Tessa stared lovingly at him as he gazed back at her with innocent eyes. The smile on his face never left his face while he began kicking around due to excitement.

“Ahh. Ooh,” Gordon gurgled happily. He was an utterly adorable little bean. His babbling sounds melted Tessa’s heart as well as Nicholas’.

On the other hand, Gregory commented excitedly. “Mommy, Little Brother is laughing so happily!” “Yes. That’s right.”

Tessa nodded in agreement and observed Gordon. Then, she exclaimed as if she had found something out of this world, “Nicholas, look. Don’t you think Gordon looks like Gregory when he smiles?”

Of course, they do. They are biological brothers, after all. Nicholas thought to himself.

Gregory also moved closer to get a better look and widened his eyes in surprise. “Mommy, Little Brother does look like me when he smiles!”

His love for Gordon deepened after this discovery. “Little Brother, I’m your older brother. I will protect you forever.”

He reached out and waved to Gordon with smiling eyes. At the same time, Gordon suddenly grabbed onto his finger and cooed at him as if replying to his promise earlier.

Later, Sofia and the others came to bid Tessa goodbye the day after the baby shower.. Unfortunately, they had to leave soon since they still had a lot of work with the orchestra and had other performances to hold.

“Rest well and take care. I’ll wait for your return.” Sofia regarded Tessa warmly.

Tessa’s seniors all nodded in agreement as well. “Take care, Tessa. We’ll hold a comeback concert once you’ve recovered.” Tessa felt her heart warm from all their genuine care and love.

After she sent them off, she resumed her usual days of resting at home. However, Mona didn’t leave because the Hathaway Philharmonic would be coming over in a few days for a performance.

That day, Timothy and Sabrina came over to pay Tessa and her children a visit. While Tessa and Timothy were discussing family matters, Mona and Sabrina chatted about music.

After a few days of getting to know each other, Mona and Sabrina became fast friends. Mona looked at Sabrina, who kept secretly glancing at Timothy while they were chatting. and whispered, “Sabrina, you like Timothy.”

Her confident statement caught Sabrina off guard “Yes, I do. But he doesn’t know. Although she was embarrassed from being exposed so. suddenly, she still openly admitted her feelings. to Mona.

At the same time, a hint of disappointment toward Timothy rose in her heart.

Mona only knew her for a few days and quickly figured out that she liked him. But he had not realized it even after they had spent such a long time together.

Mona guessed that it was a one-sided love once she noticed the bitter smile on Sabrina’s lips. “Since he doesn’t know, then tell him!” Tell him?

Sabrina once again looked at Timothy wistfully. He seemed to feel her gaze and looked over. “What’s up?”

“Nothing.” Sabrina hurriedly shook her head and hastily looked away, feeling rather bashful. Mona, who watched by the side, was rendered speechless at her actions.

Then, just when she was about to say something, she heard Sabrina’s bitter voice, saying, ‘It’s fine. Besides, if I told him, I might not even be able to stay by his side.” A bright smile returned to her face as if she had accepted her fate.

“I know you’re worried about me. Thank you. Even though we’re not together, I don’t think the situation is that bad now.” Sabrina looked at Mona earnestly. On the other hand, Mona was feeling somewhat conflicted by her response.

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