Always Been Yours Chapter 1311

The reporters on site eagerly filmed that scene. Tessa, who was on the stage at that moment, was so dazzling that it made it difficult for people to move their attention away from her.

As her song came to an end, the audience applauded her as she bowed and got herself down the stage. Once she was off the stage, the smile on her face immediately vanished as she suddenly felt sad.

Her performance was indeed beautiful for people not well-versed in music, but she knew that her tone was flat, and her fingers were stiff.

Sofia walked over and saw the dejected look on her face. “It’s okay. You’ll find the feeling again when you recover. What’s important now is your health.”

“I understand.” Tessa nodded and regained her composure. In the blink of an eye, it was the afternoon, and the guests all moved into the restaurant under the guidance of the hotel staff.

Many people gave Remus a toast when the food was being served.

There was also a group of people surrounding Tobias and his son. The atmosphere was relaxed as everybody chatted merrily as the night was still young.

Tessa and Gordon’s pictures that were taken in the morning were being displayed on the screen by the stage. As Tessa couldn’t drink and her body had not recovered, the young ladies and madams in the hall knew better than to disturb her.

Even so, she still felt a little tired after the meal. Nicholas still had his attention on Tessa despite being tasked with entertaining the guests.

As soon as he saw that she was ready to retire, he immediately nodded to the others before excusing himself, ‘My wife’s tired. I’ll be accompanying her. Please, help yourself while we’re gone.”

Then, he pushed Tessa together with Gordon, who was already sound asleep, and left the banquet hall to the presidential suite.

Many young ladies and madams were envious as they watched Nicholas and Tessa leave the hall. “President Sawyer treats Miss Tessa just like in the rumors. He truly adores her.”

“I’m so envious of Miss Tessa for receiving President Sawyer’s unconditional love.” “I would be satisfied if my future husband was half as good as President Sawyer.”

As they entered the room, Nicholas placed Gordon onto the bed and helped Tessa wash up. After they were done, Tessa lay on the bed looking exhausted, as if she was going to pass out anytime soon.

He was distressed to see her like that and leaned forward to kiss her forehead and said gently, “Sleep if you’re tired. Leave the guests to me. I’ll deal with them for the rest of the afternoon.”

“Okay.” She nodded lightly and soon fell into at deep slumber. When she woke up, the baby shower had already ended. Nicholas was holding Gordon and playing with Gregory at one end of the room.

Her heart was filled with such tenderness and happiness from just watching them interact with each other. Perhaps her gaze was too obvious, making Nicholas turn in her direction.

“You’re awake,” he commented as he carried Gordon over before asking with concern, “Are you hungry?” Tessa tilted her head as she nodded. “A little.”

“I’ll get some room service, then.” Then, he went to make the phone call.

Gregory also trotted over to Tessa and looked at her with concerned eyes. “Mommy, are you still tired? Do you want me to massage you?”

“Thank you, Sweetheart. I’m all better now.”

She ruffled his black hair as her heart melted into a puddle at his genuine concern. Soon, the hotel sent up some chicken soup and some side dishes. They looked appetizing and full of nutrition.

Tessa ate slowly while Nicholas told her what had happened after she slept.

He roughly summarized things for her, saying, “The banquet was very successful. After it ended, Mom and Dad didn’t have the heart to wake you up because you were sleeping so soundly. So, they have already returned home.”

Tessa nodded as she placed the bowl she finished aside and eagerly reached her hand toward Nicholas. “Hand Gordon to me. I’ve not carried him the whole afternoon.”

Nicholas would never reject any request coming from Tessa, so he obediently handed Gordon over.

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