Always Been Yours Chapter 1310

The quests were a little disappointed by that. Of course, the competition among the guests didn’t escape Tessa and Nicholas’ eyes. That made Tessa a little uncomfortable.

Nicholas immediately noticed her mood and asked concernedly, “What’s wrong? Are you tired?”

“It’s not that. I just feel that these people are too eager. It’s Gordon’s baby shower today. I’m happy that they came and even prepared presents for him, but I don’t care if the presents are expensive. It’s the thought that counts. It feels like they were competing with each other using those very same presents.”

Tessa expressed her thoughts softly, “The way that they’re trying to earn our favor doesn’t exactly make me happy.” Nicholas only felt that she was adorably straightforward as he gazed at the undisguised displeasure on her face..

“It’s okay. If you don’t like that, we’ll just ignore. them. I’ll introduce you to my friends.” Then, he pushed her toward his friends while giving Edward a look.

Edward understood Nicholas’ hint and stepped forward to block the guests that wanted to chat them up.

Soon, Tessa was introduced to Nicholas’ friends, and Ashton was among them. She slowly relaxed under their interesting and humorous conversations.

Even so, the competition continued at the banquet, but it wasn’t happening within Tessa’s line of sight.

On the other end, Sofia took a look at the time and directed people to the side of the stage to get ready for the performance.

The first show was a performance by Tessa’s seniors, and the beautiful majestic music soon reverberated in the banquet hall. Everyone was captivated and mesmerized by the music.

As the song came to an end, a burst of applause greeted the performers. Next up was Gregory’s turn. He carried the violin and regally walked up on stage like a little gentleman as he bowed to the guests.

“Even though my song may not be as impressive and beautiful as Uncle Marjorie’s performance, I want to dedicate this song to Mommy and my little brother. I hope that we can live happily ever after as a family.”

Then, he smiled sweetly at Tessa, who was beneath the stage. His innocent smile melted the hearts of many guests as well as Tessa, as she watched her little boy standing on the stage..

Finally, Gregory started his performance.

Even though his skill couldn’t be compared to Majorie and the rest, he still learned under Tessa and Sofia. So, his playing was still exceptional for a young boy his age.

After the performance, everyone clapped, and the audience threw an endless stream of compliments at him..

After that, the show continued. Tessa felt her fingers twitch in want as she watched her seniors pour their hearts and emotions into every piece.

After all, for someone who loves the violin as she did, it suddenly evoked the long- suppressed desire due to not touching a violin. during her recovery.

Nicholas caught onto her expression and chuckled, “You want to play the violin?” “Yes Tessa didn’t deny it.

Suddenly, her lap felt empty in the next second, Nicholas had carried Gordon away from her as he looked at her with tender eyes. “Go. Play a song. I know you want to.”

“… Maybe not,” Tessa hesitated and shook her head in refusal. She hadn’t played the violin for a long time. She could tell that her skills were not what they used to be.

Besides, Gordon required her entire focus. Of course, Nicholas understood her concern as he tilted his head and gave Gregory a look.

Gregory got his hint, placed the violin he was using earlier on Tessa’s lap, and urged, “Mommy. Go. I’ve not heard you play in so long. I’m sure Little Brother wants to hear it too.”

Tessa didn’t have the heart to refuse Gregory, especially when he said those words as she glanced at the violin on her lap. Then, Timothy pushed her onto the stage, and the audience fell silent.

Soon, a piece of gentle music flowed from the stage. Tessa closed her eyes as she lost herself in the music. Although she was still seated in the wheelchair, the contented smile painted on her face made it seem as though she was sitting in a cocoon enshrouded by love.

The song was light, warm, and filled with love as she dedicated this piece to her family.

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