Always Been Yours Chapter 1309

Now that they finally got some news regarding Tessa, her fans were all very excited. I finally get to see Tessa! She’s gotten thinner, but she looks okay. My goddess. I will always wait for the day you return to the stage.

The little one on her lap should be the baby. I’m so curious about what he looks like. He most probably inherited her and President Sawyer’s good looks.

“Aww. What a beautiful family. Can the reporters please post more pictures of them?”

Tessa and the others didn’t know that the netizens were all begging for more pictures because the baby shower had begun. Remus strode on stage energetically and started his speech, “First of all, thank you, everyone, for attending my great-grandson’s baby shower despite your busy schedules.”

A round of applause rose at his words as reported took several pictures of him.

Remus waved his hand to quiet the guests as he continued, “I want to thank my granddaughter-in-law for not only saving my. eldest great-grandson but also risking her life to deliver another great-grandson. Today, I would like to introduce my granddaughter-in-law to everyone.”

Then, Nicholas pushed Tessa onto the stage. It was a great surprise to her as she didn’t expect Remus to personally introduce her as the Sawyer’s new mistress.

Another round of applause rang out as Remus looked dotingly at Tessa, who was slowly rolled out on stage. Once she got to the middle of the stage, he gently urged her, “Say hello to everyone.”

Tessa nodded as her gaze landed on the guests below the stage and did a simple self- introduction. “Hi, everyone. I’m Tessa. A violinist. It’s my pleasure to meet everyone here.”

Everyone had a good impression of her as they watched the elegant lady speaking confidently onstage. “The woman that President Sawyer fell for indeed isn’t an ordinary Jane.”

“Just look at how she carries herself. I would have thought that she was an heiress from some big family if I didn’t know any better.”

“Even though she’s not from a prestigious family, she looks good standing next to President Sawyer. They look like a match made in heaven.”

“I heard she’s an amazing musician that even many foreign musicians approve of her. It would be an honor to hear her perform even one song.”

The crowd had a whispered discussion among themselves and started speculating if Tessa would perform on such an important day.

Sadly, they were off the mark as she didn’t plan on performing today. After all, she was the baby’s mother for today’s baby shower.

Even though she didn’t prepare anything, Gregory did. He even requested to do this as a present to his little brother, Gordon. Besides Gregory, Tessa’s seniors would also be performing to add some pizzazz to the celebration.

Some of the guests who had a relatively close relationship with the Sawyers all eagerly looked forward to the performance. This was especially so when they learned that Tessa’s seniors were all renowned international musicians, and tickets to their performances were hard to come by.

Even the reporters were thrilled to be in attendance and given the opportunity to write a news column about such a marvelous baby shower.

“I’m sure this baby shower would be something that nobody else can top in many years to come.” “Focus on filming. We can’t afford to miss even a single scene.”

After Remus’ speech, Nicholas pushed Tessa down the stage while Remus focused on inviting everyone to enjoy the banquet and have fun. That was when the banquet officially started.

Soon, people started going up to Tessa and Nicholas with presents. “President Sawyer. Madam Tessa. This present is for the young master. I wish him a prosperous life.”

“Thank you,” Nicholas thanked him and motioned for Edward, who was standing by the side, to accept the present.

The exchange was noticed by the other guests who were looking at Tessa. So, they also approached the couple and presented their gifts. Some had even begun competing with one another as they would also name their presents when they handed them over to the happy couple.

At first, they thought that Nicholas and Tessa would open the presents to take a look, but that didn’t happen as Edward arranged for the gifts to be kept away by the staff in the hall.

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