Always Been Yours Chapter 1308

Since Gordon was still a newborn, he fell asleep very quickly.

Tessa was filled with such intense love as she laid her eyes on the baby in the crib. It was an emotion that couldn’t be described by mere words alone. She didn’t even want to blink as

she would miss seeing him. She was also reluctant to rest when Nicholas had urged her to return to bed. The following day, everyone got up early, as it was Gordon’s baby shower.

The banquet was held at one of the hotels under the Sawyer Group’s management. The place had a welcoming and gorgeous decor.

There was an endless stream of guests as all the rich and influential people in the city attended the party.

At the hotel entrance, Stefania, Tobias, and Remus arrived early and greeted each guest with a big smile. The guests were also congratulating them in return.

“Old Master Sawyer, congratulations on the new addition to the family.”

“Congratulations, Madam Sawyer, on becoming a grandma again.”

“Chairman Sawyer, congratulations on the birth. of your grandson.”

The elders of the Sawyer Family all accepted. their wishes with grace. On the other hand, Tessa and Nicholas arrived slightly later at the hotel because of her health.

Even so, nobody said anything snarky. On the contrary, their arrival immediately. caught the attention of the crowd. Tessa was wearing a fitted dress and looked like she had lost a lot of weight, but she still looked radiant.

She was sitting upright in the wheelchair, had stunning elegant makeup, and her black hair was in an intricate updo with a beautiful hairpin securing it in place. Although it was clear that she wasn’t fully recovered, she was still breathtaking.

Nicholas was like her protector as he stood behind her wheelchair. No one could ignore his tall, slender body, flawless handsome face, and dignified aura.

Gregory also donned a gray suit and stood by Tessa’s side with a serious look on his chubby face.

If one were looking carefully, one would realize that his gaze kept going to Tessa’s lap since she was holding on to one of the main characters of today’s banquet, Gordon.

Gordon was dressed in new clothes as well and appeared cuter and more energetic than usual. His big round eyes were scanning the room as everything seemed interesting to him.

“Look, it’s Tessa and President Sawyer. Quick. Take pictures!” The media finally reacted as they grabbed their cameras and pointed them at the beautiful family before them..

Some of them even stayed a distance behind the family, intending to follow them. As Tessa and Nicholas entered the hall, many guests came forward with good wishes.

“President Sawyer, congratulations on your baby.” “The baby’s so cute. He will definitely grow up to be a handsome man.”

“Madam Tessa, you’re blessed to have such a cute baby.”

Both of them graciously thanked the guests for their well-wishes. On the other hand, many reporters were standing outside the hotel as they didn’t receive an invitation.

They were filled with various thoughts as they flipped through the pictures they had just taken. “As expected of the first family in Southend. This baby shower is simply a gathering of the big tycoons.”

“Who would ignore the Sawyer Family’s invitation? I heard they are going to announce something important during the baby shower.”

“What is it?”

Some of them who were oblivious quickly started asking about the latest scoop, while the reporters who were in the know kept mum on the matter.

At the same time, the news was being posted online as well. The Sawyer Family’s grandson’s unparalleled baby shower. ‘The real winner in life is born with a golden. spoon-the Sawyer’s grandson.

A blessing in disguise for the young master of the Sawyer Family The emergence of these exciting pieces of news immediately caught the attention of numerous people online, as well as Tessa’s fans.

I’m so happy to finally hear about my goddess!” Since the Sawyers can hold such a grand baby shower, our goddess and the baby should be safe and sound.”

Tessa’s fans had been desperately waiting for her latest update when they learned that she was receiving treatment at the hospital.

Unfortunately, all news regarding her had been. sealed away and kept secret since her accident. So, no one else but the Sawyer Family knew what had actually occurred.

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