Always Been Yours Chapter 1307

Nicholas carried Tessa to the bathroom as he was the one who had been taking care of her these few days. When they were in the bathroom, he prepared the bath and turned around as he wanted to help Tessa remove her clothes.

Her face flushed crimson and became bashful as she looked at his outreached hand. “Um. I’ll do it myself.”

Then, she wriggled a bit and started taking her clothes off with her back facing him. An amused chuckle echoed in the bathroom. “Why are you still so shy, honey? It’s not the first time.”

Nicholas suddenly approached her and spoke right into Tessa’s ears. His actions only made her face burn brighter.

So, she reached out her hand and shoved him. away in faux annoyance. “Stop it…”

But Nicholas couldn’t help but smile in response to her adorableness. After the bath, he carried her back to the bed.

Perhaps Tessa felt safe and secure in his arms as she fell asleep soon after. Nicholas’ eyes were filled with such tenderness as he watched her peacefully snoozing away.

“Goodnight.” He planted a kiss on her forehead as he held her in his embrace and slept. The moonlight shone in from outside the window, illuminating the bedroom. The scene was something out of a fairytale.

Alas, that serene painting was disturbed in the middle of the night because Gordon was wailing out of hunger.

So, Nicholas and Tessa were woken up by his cries. “Gordon’s hungry. Bring him to me and ask the maid to help make the milk.”

She was quick in making the appropriate arrangements. Nicholas listened to her instructions, immediately carried Gordon from the crib, and handed him to her.

Tessa lightly swayed the baby in her arms as she murmured, “Good boy, Gordon.”

Gordon’s cries gradually quietened under her gentle coaxing, but he was still fussing.

Although she was rather groggy due to interrupted sleep, Gordon’s cuteness was enough to make her heart swell.

After she teased Gordon for a little while, she lifted her head toward Nicholas to see an unexpected scene.

Nicholas was holding a milk bottle and making the milk skillfully. He made the milk himself instead of handing over the task to the maid.

She was so stunned that she blurted, “Why didn’t you ask the maid to help?” “We still need to wait if I call her over. So, I might as well do it myself,” he replied with a smile.

She figured that made sense as she looked in his direction with Gordon in her arms and said gently, ‘Gordon, look. Daddy’s making your milk.” After she said that, she couldn’t help but laugh as she felt the situation was incredibly amusing.

To her, Nicholas’ hands were used to dictate the business world, or they could be used to write and sign papers.

Never would she have thought that there would be a day when those beautiful hands would be making milk. Tessa gazed at Nicholas dreamily and felt highly attracted to his fluid and skillful motions.

Well, he gained his experience from caring for Gregory in the past. So, it was only natural that he knew what to do. Regardless, when Nicholas noticed her gaze, he couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Nothing. I just think that you look very handsome while making the milk. Right, Gordon? Isn’t Daddy the most handsome man alive?”

She lowered her head to tease the little guy as she finished her sentence.

Naturally, Gordon wouldn’t be able to understand her. But he saw Tessa move closer to him and thought that she was playing with him. So, he waved his tiny hands around and babbled happily.

She also smiled back at him. “Look at you. All happy. You definitely think that Mommy’s right!”

Nicholas heard the gurgling laughter from Gordon and Tessa’s chiming giggles as a small smile slowly made itself known across his lips. He felt that he was experiencing halcyon days as his family was safe and happy.

Later, Nicholas gently placed Gordon back into his crib after they were done feeding him. Since Gordon was full, he stopped crying and fussing as he looked around with his adorable big round eyes.

His tiny lips were slightly open, and an innocent smile was plastered on his face. That melted Tessa’s heart as she lightly rocked the crib and hummed a lullaby to coax him to sleep.

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