Always Been Yours Chapter 1306

“Welcome home, Tessa!” Every one of them offered sincere congratulations. At this moment, Mona rushed out of the crowd with a bouquet of flowers in her hand. She ran over and hugged Tessa tightly. “You scared me to death! I thought I was going to lose my best friend! But I’m so glad you’re all right!”

“I did not expect something like that to happen. either.” Tessa returned the hug and patted her best friend lightly on the back.

A short while later, Mona calmed down and released Tessa. Then, she seemed to think of something and smiled. “Miss Hathaway was. very worried about you too, but you know how she is… So, I was thinking of taking a picture with you and sending the picture to her later. Can I?”

“Of course.” Tessa nodded in agreement. Mona happily retreated to the side upon receiving Tessa’s green light on this matter.

Not long afterward, Tessa was surrounded by Sofia and all her other friends. They were also very concerned about her health and expressed great joy to see Gordon. Each of them also came bearing welcome gifts for Gordon.

Although it was Gordon’s first time meeting so many people, he was not afraid. In fact, he had a sweet smile on his face throughout the entire time.

Tessa was extremely touched by the warm scene before her. It made her feel very blessed.

That night, a small party was held at the Dynasty Gardens to celebrate Tessa and Gordon’s safe return. During the party, everybody smiled and chatted happily with each other. The atmosphere was very cozy and inviting.

After dinner, they gathered in the living room to resume their conversation.

Unfortunately, Tessa had only just been. discharged from the hospital. So, her body had yet to recover completely. It seemed as though she had just been up for about five minutes before she quickly began to feel tired. The others soon noticed her fatigue and urged her to get some rest.

“Tobias and I will take care of things here. So, you can rest easy.” The one who spoke up was Stefania. She was truly worried about Tessa’s health.

Sofia and the others echoed their agreement. Tessa felt a burst of affection for her family and friends in the face of their genuine concern.

In the end, Nicholas carried her upstairs to rest. Gordon was already sleeping deeply in his cradle inside the room.

Tessa sat beside the cradle and lightly rocked it. The look in her eyes was very tender, and she couldn’t help sighing in amazement, “It doesn’t feel real at all.”

Nicholas happened to overhear her. So, he walked over and pulled her into his embrace. “Does it feel real now?” “Yeah, it feels real now.” She nodded lightly and returned his hug. The smile on her face was very sweet.

She snuggled against his chest and thought to herself that God was very kind to her. Not only was she reborn, but she also managed to survive such a catastrophe. More importantly, she even gave birth to such an adorable baby.

How could Nicholas not know what she was thinking? They cuddled for a while in comfortable silence.

After a while, Nicholas suddenly lowered his head to kiss her on the lips. His voice was indescribably tender and loving. “Get some rest. Tomorrow is Gordon’s baby shower, and we will be attending a banquet at a hotel. My parents have gone all out on the preparations for the special occasion, so the guests will be coming in droves just to attend the banquet.”

“A banquet? Why wasn’t I informed about anything? Who will be attending? What will I need to do?” Tessa had always assumed that a baby shower was only meant as a celebration among family members. She never imagined that the Sawyer Family would host a banquet in celebration. Thus, she couldn’t help feeling anxious and shot out a bunch of questions in a row.

He laughed at her anxious state and soothed her, “You don’t need to worry about anything. You just need to look pretty and show up with Gordon in your arms. Besides, this banquet is also for my parents to formally introduce you to the world.”

“Formally introduce me?’ She immediately. widened her eyes in shock. She never imagined that her in-laws would prepare such a surprise for her.

He tapped the bridge of her nose affectionately. “That’s right. You are the great hero of the Sawyer Family. How can we hide you behind the scenes forever?”

She was absolutely thrilled by this news. So, she raised her head and smiled brilliantly at him. “In that case, I need to rest early so that I will have the energy to stand in front of everybody tomorrow.” “You’re right. I’ll carry you to the bathroom to wash up.”

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