Always Been Yours Chapter 1305

“Hi, Gordon. I’m Mommy,” Tessa lowered her head and spoke to the baby in a gentle voice.

She did not know whether it was because of their blood ties, but she could feel the bond growing between them the instant she landed her eyes on the baby. It definitely helped that Gordon immediately revealed a sweet smile at the sight of her. His pitch-black eyes were lively and energetic. Moreover, his eyes seemed to contain the entire universe in them.

Her heart nearly melted at the sight. Gregory leaned over from the side and asked excitedly, ‘Mommy, Gordon is so adorable! Can I hold him?”

He glanced at Tessa expectantly. Naturally, Tessa did not refuse him. So, she handed the baby in her arms to Gregory without another word and warned him, “Be careful.”

He nodded seriously, his entire body immediately tensing up in response. At this moment, he was more nervous than when his teachers checked his homework.

Tessa could see his anxiousness and nearly burst out in laughter. She also took into account that he was still just a child, so she did not put the baby’s full weight. in his arms but simply let him hug the baby.

Even so, he was happy and satisfied to be able to embrace the newborn. “Mommy, Gordon is so soft and small!”

“He won’t be so small anymore when he grows up.” While she spoke, she turned to look at Nicholas. “Why don’t you come and hold him too?”

Nicholas nodded and stepped forward to take Gordon into his arms. “Gordon, I am your daddy.” He gazed at the baby warmly.

Gordon blinked, clearly not understanding a word or what was happening at the moment. Nevertheless, he babbled happily and waved his little hands around.

Everybody smiled and chuckled at the sight. He was indeed a little bundle of joy whose smile never left his face. Before the baby had even warmed Nicholas’ arms, his parents swooped in and snatched his youngest son away.

Once everybody had gotten a chance to carry Gordon, Stefania took Gordon into her arms and refused to let anybody else hold him. Her excuse was that Nicholas and the others were men, and men were generally not careful enough to handle a baby. On the other hand, Tessa was still too weak to carry the baby for long.

She wasn’t wrong, as carrying a baby was a rather strenuous task after all. Tessa laughed at the reasoning but did not. argue with her mother-in-law.

After they carried their little bundle of sunshine, which would be Gordon, Tessa began to proceed with the discharge procedures. Most of her superficial wounds were already healed by now. All that was left was her broken bones, which would take several months.

When she finally finished the formalities, Nicholas pushed her out of the hospital in a wheelchair. The Sawyers had kept news of her discharge from the hospital secret for the time being, so the public was unaware that she was healthy enough to leave the hospital.

Back at the Dynasty Gardens, Nicholas heard a chorus of congratulatory words coming from Andrew and the rest of the servants as soon as he got out of the car. “Congratulations on your recovery and discharge from the hospital, Madam Tessa!”

Tessa felt warm inside when she heard their sincere well-wishes from inside the car. Likewise, Nicholas was also in an excellent mood. He carried her down from the car and carefully placed her in the wheelchair.

Tessa thanked Andrew and the rest of the servants with a bright grin that stretched from. ear to ear. Just as Nicholas was about to push Tessa into the house, Andrew suddenly stopped them.

“Please wait a moment, Master Nicholas.” After he said that, he shot a look at the servant beside him. The servant immediately reacted to the signal and brought out a small charcoal brazier from the side.

“Master Nicholas, this is a customary practice. Please carry Madam Tessa in your arms and step over the charcoal brazier. The flames will burn away all the bad luck, allowing you to enjoy a prosperous future from now on.”

Nicholas didn’t hesitate to scoop Tessa into his arms upon hearing those words and stepped over the charcoal brazier. Although he did not believe in superstitions and customary practices, he did not mind following them as long as they were good for Tessa.

When Stefania heard about this, she also decided to follow suit. She carried Gordon securely in her arms and stepped over the charcoal brazier

“Gordon will also enjoy a prosperous and peaceful life in the future!’ She smilingly cooed at the baby in her arms. The others quickly joined in with various congratulatory words.

Tessa smiled blissfully at the sight. Not long afterward, they arrived in the living room. Still, there was another surprise waiting for them inside.

Bang! Colorful ribbons from handheld party poppers showered the air before they landed on Tessa and Nicholas. Kieran and Timothy’s cheerful voices rang out together.

“Congratulations on your recovery, Tessa!” “Congratulations on your successful discharge from the hospital, Tessa and Gordon!”

Those two were not alone. Sofia, Marjorie, and their other friends were also gathered in the living room.

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