Always Been Yours Chapter 1304

“Cry, cry, cry. All you do is cry. Are you in mourning or something?” “You jinxes! You’re just like your dead mother!!

bet you came here specially to jinx us!” “You b*stards don’t deserve to eat. Don’t you dare eat any of the food in this house!” All sorts of curses and abuse constantly rang out in the magnificent and luxurious villa.

The Reinharts even went so far as to kick Tessa and her younger brother out of the house in the middle of winter. No matter how they had begged and pleaded, the Reinharts remained indifferent to their plight, though.

These memories represented the past that would haunt Tessa for the rest of her life.

There was once when Timothy was ill. At the time, she had knelt outside the gates of the Reinhart Residence and begged them to save his life. However, she almost paid for her. naivety with her life.

Even though several years had passed since then, even though the Reinhart Family no longer existed, the resentment still remained in her heart. This was especially so for her resentment toward Amber.

The misfortune and poor treatment that she, her brother, and their mother suffered were all caused by Amber.

If Amber had not helped with Lauren’s malicious scheming back then, Tessa’s mother would not have suffered from such a disease. Amber had even gone to great lengths just to prevent Tessa’s mother from receiving any treatment when her condition worsened toward the end.

If not for that old hag, my mother would not have died so soon! However… The old lady is reaching the end of her lifespan… She probably does not have long to live. So, why should I continue to bear a grudge toward her? Not to mention, she has already been punished for her past mistakes.

A deep and pleasant voice entered her ears just as Tessa was coming to terms with her emotions.

“Since these words are a blessing from Old Mrs. Reinhart, we should gratefully accept them. ‘Peace and joy’, these words suit Gordon very well indeed.” Nicholas looked straight at her and gently decided on her behalf with a tender look in his eyes.

Although she rarely talked about the Reinhart Family throughout their relationship, he knew that she had not stopped caring for the Reinharts. There remained a glimmer of hope in the corner of her heart that they might change. Unfortunately, they had continued to disappoint her over and over again.

She did not realize that he had already seen through the thoughts in her heart.

After she listened to his suggestion, she agreed that it was a reasonable choice. Ever since she was pregnant with Gordon, she had been involved in various incidents. Even Gordon’s birth had been perilous.

Therefore, the blessing of peace and joy’ could indeed be said to be very suitable for the baby. With that thought in mind, she finally nodded in agreement.

In the following days, peace and tranquility returned to their lives. Tessa concentrated on her recovery in the hospital ward. Under Nicholas’ attentive care and the help of various supplements every day, her health gradually improved day by day.

Likewise, Gordon was also getting healthier by the day. In the blink of an eye, he was about to turn one month old.

Then, one day, the doctor finally brought good news to the hospital ward. “President Sawyer, Madam Tessa. Young Master Gordon. underwent a comprehensive examination today. We are pleased to inform you that his health has fully recovered, so he will be removed from the incubator this afternoon. At that time, you may gather outside the incubation room to wait.”

“That’s great! Gordon can finally be released!” Tessa was absolutely overjoyed. Gregory was so excited that he bounced around. “Yeah! I can finally meet my little brother!”

Nicholas studied the bright smiles on their faces. There was a gentle expression on his face. Like them, he was also highly looking forward to Gordon’s arrival.

That afternoon, Nicholas arrived early outside of the neonatal ward with Tessa and Gregory. The members of the Sawyer Family and Timothy were already there. All of them stared intently at the neonatal ward, filled with a sense of anticipation.

Fortunately, it did not take long before a doctor came up carrying a baby swaddled in a baby- blue blanket.

“Who will be the first to carry this child?” The doctor could tell that everybody present was yearning to carry the baby in her arms. So, she decided to settle the matter with a question to prevent any untoward trouble.

Fortunately, Nicholas’ amused voice rang out at this moment, “Hand the baby to my wife first. It’s the child she risked her life to bring to the world, after all.”

Besides, he made a promise to Tessa in the past. She would be the first to carry the baby once the baby was born.

The doctor nodded in agreement upon receiving a response. “You’re right, President Sawyer. Mothers are the greatest. To safely give birth to the child under such dangerous circumstances and even crawl her way from the jaws of death… It is only right for her to be the first to carry the child.”

After she said that, she carefully handed the baby to Tessa. Tessa carefully took the baby into her arms, feeling amazed by how soft and tiny the infant was.

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