Always Been Yours Chapter 1303

On the contrary, Amber was speechless to see all the gifts she had hidden away being brought out. Tessa’s hesitant voice entered her ears, “What are these?”

“I heard that you just gave birth. Since there are no other elders in the Reinhart Family, these gifts are to represent the Reinhart Family’s goodwill toward the children.” After a brief pause, she eventually decided to face Tessa and come clean about the reason for her visit. She inhaled deeply, then continued, “I know you think nothing of these gifts. If you don’t like them, you can throw them away. In any case, I have always been nothing more than a hateful old woman in your eyes.”

Once she said that, she immediately turned around and left the hospital ward without waiting to see the expression on Tessa’s face.

Tessa stared at Amber’s departing figure in a daze. When the reality of the situation finally sank in, she was struck by a growing mixture of astonishment and confusion. That was because the fact that the old lady would prepare gifts for the children had never even occurred to her.

At this moment, she was at such a loss for words that she instinctively glanced at Nicholas. He was holding a gold bracelet in his hands, but the situation had surprised him just as it did her.

Meanwhile, Gregory stood by the side of the room. Although his eyes were darting around the room curiously, he remained well-behaved and quiet the entire time.

A blanket of silence abruptly fell over the hospital room. It was not until Timothy and Kieran entered the ward that the silence was broken.

Timothy had initially planned to return to work, but he received a phone call from Kieran on the way back. In the end, he was forcefully dragged to the hospital again..

In Kieran’s words, he refused to visit the hospital on his lonesome and had to suffer watching the couple’s lovey-dovey interactions all on his own. Therefore, he needed to bring a companion with him..

When the two men entered the hospital ward, they immediately sensed the strange atmosphere in the air.

“Nicholas, Tessa. Why are you in such a daze? Did something happen?” Kieran swept a questioning glance at Nicholas and Tessa. Then, his gaze landed on the gold bracelet in Nicholas’ hand. His eyes immediately lit up at the sight. “Wow! Is that a custom-made bracelet for my little nephew? It’s so pretty!”

Timothy took a look at the gold bracelet and nodded in agreement. “It’s beautiful. Speaking of which, I have yet to prepare a welcoming gift for Gordon even though I am his uncle.”

At the end of his sentence, a flicker of regret flashed through his eyes. He couldn’t help feeling that he was incompetent in his role as an uncle.

Next to Timothy, Kieran seemed to realize the same thing and slapped his forehead with a look of remorse. “If you had not said anything, I would have forgotten about that too! That won’t do. I will have to go shopping for Gordon’s present later.”

Nicholas studied the two men’s expressions. Then, he calmly placed the gold bracelet aside and casually explained, “I did not prepare this gift. This is a gift from Old Mrs. Reinhart. Nevertheless, for you to only remember about the gift now… Don’t you think you’re too incompetent in your roles as an elder?”

After he said that, he even threw a disdainful look at Kieran and Timothy Kieran immediately looked guilty and ashamed.

On the other hand, Timothy frowned at those words. He stared at his elder sister with disbelief as he questioned suspiciously, ‘Was this gold bracelet really given by the old hag?”

Tessa nodded lightly and roughly explained what had happened earlier. When she finished explaining the situation, she murmured in amazement, “To be honest, I never expected the old lady to send us a gift.”

Timothy was also surprised by the unexpected turn of events.

He walked over and picked up the gold bracelet given by Amber. The bracelet was quite heavy, clearly indicating that the old lady had not skimped on the materials. Moreover, the artistry was also exquisite. Soon, a feeling of doubt inadvertently sprung up in his heart.

“Both the materials and the workmanship of this gold bracelet are of high quality. However, it is probably costly. Where did that old hag have such a considerable amount of money?”

“Could it be from her private funds?” Kieran haphazardly made a guess. Then, he snatched the gold bracelet from Timothy with a smile.. “Let me have a closer look. It will serve as a good reference for when I have to choose Gordon’s gift later.”

While he spoke, he held the gold bracelet up to the sun and observed the details carefully. Then, he suddenly made a sound of exclamation, “There are words engraved on the inside of this bracelet!”

“What does it say?” Timothy asked. Kieran read the words out loud with a smile. “Peace and joy’. These are good sentiments. I guess Old Mrs. Reinhart finally did something right.”

Tessa looked a little bewildered when she heard the words ‘peace and joy’. Peace and joy? She closed her eyes, countless unbearable memories from the past flooding her mind like an incoming tidal wave.

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