Always Been Yours Chapter 1302

Nicholas looked at them with eyes filled with tender love. Eventually, they thought it was time to go back, and he took Tessa back to her ward.

However, the moment he stood behind her, Gregory approached his father and tried to push him away. “Let me do it, Daddy. I’ll take Mommy back to her room.” He took Mommy here just now, and then Mommy kissed him. If I take Mommy back to her room, then I can also get a kiss.

Unfortunately, Nicholas did not budge. He frowned and said, “Stop that. You don’t have enough strength to push her.”

“As if. I’m plenty strong.” The boy was trying to prove himself so he could get a kiss from his mother. He even went to his mother and pleaded, “Mommy, can I take you back to your room? Please.”

Tessa broke into a smile. She let Gregory do what he wanted since she knew refusing would be pointless. He would only learn when he was taught a lesson by reality.

However, the boy didn’t know that. Thinking that his mother was giving him a chance, he shot his father a smug look. Nicholas smiled and said nothing to it. He knew. what Tessa was thinking, so he moved away and let Gregory take over.

Happily, the boy stood behind his mother and tried to push her wheelchair, but it didn’t budge. Huh? He pushed as hard as he could, and the wheelchair moved this time, but it merely moved an inch. Once again, he tried to push as best he could. His face was getting red, yet all he managed was a few more inches.

Gregory would have continued to push the wheelchair if not for his father dragging him away. When he saw how effortlessly Nicholas could push Tessa’s wheelchair, he asked. dejectedly, “You make it look so easy. How come I couldn’t even push it an inch?”

Tessa held the boy’s hand. “Your father is an adult, but you are still a child. Once you grow up, you can be as strong as he is.”

Inspired, the boy gave her a firm nod. “I’m going to grow big and strong so that I can take care of you.” Oh, he’s so adorable. She pulled him into her embrace and gave him a peck.

The family happily returned to the ward, but the moment they emerged from the elevator, they saw Amber skulking around Tessa’s ward before entering.

Nicholas’ face darkened, and Tessa furrowed her brows as well. She wondered why Amber sneaked into her ward.

They approached the ward silently, peeking through the crack of the ajar door. Amber had no idea she was being watched. She went straight to Tessa’s bed and whipped something out before placing it under the pillow.

Tessa couldn’t hold it in any longer and entered her room. “What are you doing?” she asked coldly. Amber leaped in shock. “W-What are you doing here?” She stared at Tessa and Nicholas in horror. She didn’t expect to be caught.

Tessa asked mirthlessly, “This is my ward.” Of course, I can be in this room. Amber got the implied message, and she fidgeted. Nicholas went past the ladies without saying a word and retrieved the item Amber hid under the pillow.

Tessa’s heart sank. “Careful!’ she cried out in alarm. However, what Nicholas held in his hand surprised her. She thought Amber had hidden something dangerous under the pillow, given how much she hated Timothy and her.

However, to her surprise, the thing she hid was a pair of beautiful baby bracelets made of pure gold. Nicholas was surprised as well. He, too, thought it would be a dangerous item.

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