Always Been Yours Chapter 1301

Nicholas smiled and pushed the wheelchair over to Tessa without a word. He picked her up and placed her in the wheelchair. Then, he took a blanket and covered it over her legs. “So, all well?”

“Yes, very. Now, take me to Gordon,” Tessa urged. She couldn’t wait to see her child. He got the message and pushed her away from the ward. Gregory followed closely behind.

Timothy saw them off. This moment belongs to them and them alone. When they arrived at the incubation room, Nicholas helped Tessa up, and he pointed at the incubator Gordon was in. “That’s Gordon.”

She looked in the direction he was pointing and saw a petite baby lying in an incubator. He looked just like in the photos, but cuter and prettier. Thanks to the meticulous care the hospital provided, the baby was growing stronger with each passing day. Now, he was a lot more active than he used to be.

Gordon was flailing around, his fingers dancing in the air as if trying to grasp something. He was smiling with his mouth slightly ajar.

Tessa could feel her heart melting as she stared at her baby’s sweet smile. “He’s so adorable. She was almost glued to the glass window, tears welling in her eyes. “I really want to hold him.

Nicholas, I want to hold him, please.” She turned around, staring at Nicholas with tear-filled, glimmering eyes. In most cases, he would have given her what she wanted, but not this time. He held her in his. embrace and whispered, “Not now. But when he

can be discharged from the incubator, promise you’ll be the first to hold him, alright?”

Tessa was not alright. For the first time, she felt hatred against Wanda. If that woman hadn’t done this, my baby wouldn’t have to suffer so much. At the thought of that, her mood took a sour turn.

Noticing her change in mood, Nicholas tightened his hug. “Calm down. We should look forward to the reunion and nothing else. Just think about you, me, Greg, and Gordon finally getting back as a family.”

As Tessa imagined the picture of their happy family, she slowly calmed down. Once again, she looked at Gordon gently. “You’re right. I should look forward to the great reunion.”

Nicholas held her even tighter at that. Both of them stared at their baby as they locked in each other’s embrace.

A few moments later, Tessa finally calmed down and started chatting with Nicholas. “Hel looks as lively as he was when he was in my belly. I saw him kicking his legs a few times.

And he looks just like Greg. Though, he looks like you the most.” She turned around and smiled at Nicholas. He kissed her cheek before saying gently, “But I think he resembles you more.”

“He’s still our baby, no matter whom he resembles.” She leaned into his embrace, smiling sweetly. Her eyes were gleaming like stars in the night sky. Even though she was immersed in the happiness of seeing her child, she didn’t forget about Gregory. “And Greg is our baby, too.”

Gregory approached them and lovingly held his mother’s hand. Sweetly, he said, “I will protect Gordon, too.”

“Oh, I know you will, Greg. You’re a good child.” Tessa looked at the boy gently, touched by what he said. Gregory beamed, feeling happy that he was praised.

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