Always Been Yours Chapter 1300

Timothy came back with the hangover pills at moment later, and he even asked the pharmacist to provide him with a glass of warm. water.

Sabrina took the pill and gulped it down with water. She felt her heart warming up by his thoughtfulness. “Thank you, Mr. Reinhart.” She smiled sweetly at the man.

For some reason, he felt delighted at the sight of her lovely smile. “You don’t feel too good, do you? Just lean back and take a nap. I’ll take you home once you’re better.”

The lady nodded and leaned on the seat to take a nap. Meanwhile, the man whipped his phone out to scroll through the news. A dim light illuminated them, and silence filled the car, yet the atmosphere wasn’t awkward in the slightest.

Sabrina eventually felt better, and Timothy took her home. It was peaceful for the coming few days. As usual, Sabrina would visit Tessa every day, though she didn’t bring any soup anymore. Still, she would ask if Tessa was doing well.

Nearly two weeks had gone by since Tessa regained consciousness. The doctor conducted. a major checkup on her, and he said, “The madam is recovering well, and she has gotten a

lot better since she woke up. She won’t be passing out at random now.” Nicholas and Timothy heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing the doctor’s words.

Tessa asked, “So, how much longer do I have to wait until I can get out of bed?”

“Not a moment longer. You may get out of bed and move around, madam. Staying in bed for too long isn’t good for your health,” said the doctor.

She smiled happily at that. Finally! I can get out of bed. Gods, lying in bed for nearly two weeks is pure torture. Even my muscles have gotten soft from this.

Meanwhile, Nicholas looked at her with resignation and love welling in his eyes. He knew Tessa was sick of lying in bed, but he could do nothing about it.

The doctor told them what to look out for, and he left soon after.

Tessa waved at her brother excitedly. “I can finally go around. Quick, take me to Gordon.” As she spoke, she held her leg, which was without a cast, and placed it on the ground.

Shocked, Timothy held her up, worried she might wobble and fall. “You can’t get out of bed. just yet.” He pushed her back onto her bed.  Disgruntled, she shot back, “But the doctor just said I could. Just take me to Gordon.” She looked at her brother, pouting.

However, he wouldn’t budge. “No. He said you can only move within the room.” Nicholas came back to see the siblings fighting, and he asked, “What’s going on?”

“Ah, perfect timing, Nicholas. Tess can’t get out of bed just yet, can she?” Timothy complained. Tessa argued, “The doctor just said I should move around. And I want to see Gordon. It’s not like he’s miles away from me.”

She hadn’t seen Gordon since he was born. Now that she could finally move, she wanted to see him. Pictures and videos could no longer satisfy her.

Nicholas would like her to be safe, but he also knew how much she wanted to see Gordon. “You don’t have to walk all the way there.” He placed her back on the bed. “Wait for me.” He left the ward and came back with a wheelchair.

Timothy smacked his forehead while laughing his head off. “Good idea, Nicholas. I can’t believe I forgot about wheelchairs.”

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