Always Been Yours Chapter 1299

Glass after glass, Tyson kept forcing Sabrina to drink. He was getting even more excited, for he could see that she was already getting tipsy.

He’s still not stopping?! The nerve! “Enough!” Timothy roared. He shot up and snatched the glass of liquor from Sabrina before pulling her up and holding her in his arms. Icily, he glared at Tyson. “Mr. Zweithar, if you’re not interested in the partnership, then this concludes our meeting.

My assistant is here to assist me with my work, not to be your drinking buddy.” With that, he took Sabrina and left the room. Yet, the furious look on his face didn’t go away even after they had left the place, and he could feel his heart filled with nothing but vexation. Intimidated by the fury he was unleashing, Sabrina followed him in silence.

When they came to the parking lot, Timothy finally let go of her. Still, the rage inside him persisted. The moment he looked at her, he chided, “What were you thinking? Why did you do everything he told you to? You knew he was going to do something bad to you.”

Sabrina trembled slightly at his scolding. She thought the lecture was a little unfair to her..

However, before she could say anything, the man added, “If I weren’t around, he would’ve knocked you out and taken you to god-knows- where!”

“But you were around,” she argued silently. “That’s why I wasn’t afraid. And the project is important. I didn’t want to ruin it.”

Most men would have felt touched by the gesture, but not Timothy. He thought Sabrina was being too naive. She wasn’t afraid because/ was there? She should always be on her guard, no matter the occasion!

On the other hand, Sabrina actually felt somewhat delighted seeing him so angry. With anticipation in her eyes, she looked at him and asked, “Are you perhaps worried about me, Mr. Reinhart? A sweet smile curled her lips.

Timothy froze upon hearing her question. He met her starry gaze, and his heart skipped a beat for some inexplicable reason. ‘I-I was worried, of course! But don’t take it the wrong way, I did what all employers would do.” He nodded firmly, but no one could be sure whether it was to convince Sabrina or himself.

Even so, she was happy. She figured he was simply too shy to admit that he was worried about her, and the thought of that delighted her.

The man could guess what she was thinking about from the bright smile plastered on her face. It made him feel even more awkward. “Don’t smile. I was serious. That was just-”

“What any employer would do, I know. Don’t read too much into it, Mr. Reinhart,” Sabrina finished the sentence in his stead Timothy paused for a short while before shooting her a look. “I wasn’t reading too much into it.”

“Yes, of course.” Does she think I’m a child? He couldn’t help but get frustrated at the thought of that. Right then, he demanded sternly, “From now on, do not say a word without my permission.”

“Duly noted.’ She ran her fingers over her mouth like she was zipping it up. It felt like she was treating him like a child having a tantrum. Annoyed, Timothy shot her another look.

Sabrina blinked innocently. Then, a gust of wind blew across them, and she was met with a growing headache. She looked at the man, pouting. Unnerved by her stare, he said stiffly, “What else. do you want to say?”

“I think the alcohol in me is taking effect. Ugh, I feel dizzy. Can you take me to the pharmacy? I need some hangover pills.” After saying that, she even adorably blinked her eyes.

Timothy couldn’t say no to those gleaming eyes. “Wait for me in the car. I’ll come back once I get the pills.”

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