Always Been Yours Chapter 1298

Once he entered the office, Sabrina followed closely. In her hand was a laptop, and she reported to Timothy, “You have a meeting in 10 minutes, Mr. Reinhart. Then, you will have another online conference with the managers of the overseas branch in two hours. You also have an online meeting with ITF’s president at 1.00PM for the coming partnership.

Next, you will be having a meeting with the technical department at 3.00PM as you need to survey the latest products. Then, you have an appointment with an important client at 9.00PM, and you will have to attend it personally.”

His schedule for the day had been laid out clearly, and it was safe to say that it was going to be a busy day with barely any time to rest. However, this was expected since Vienna’s branch had just started operating.

During the early stage of its business, he was bound to have a lot of matters to handle. Eventually, the long day came to an end, and Timothy took a break in the car. It was time for the last appointment with an important client of the company.

Along with him was Sabrina. She felt a little worried seeing him so tired. “Why don’t you take a nap first, Mr. Reinhart? I’ll inform you when we get there.”

He gladly took her offer and leaned into his seat, resting his eyes. He fell asleep before long. It had been an exhausting day, after all.

When she saw the man had drifted off, she told the driver to go slower and dimmed the lights. Not a soul made a sound in the car, and she rested her chin on her hand as she stared at the sleeping man. She wanted to etch his looks into her mind. No matter how long she looked at him, she couldn’t have enough..

They came to an expensive club a moment later, and Sabrina woke Timothy up. They headed into the club and made their way to the bar. When they went inside, there was already someone waiting within.

It was none other than their client-Tyson Zweithar, chairman of Cherubin’s Tyguffin Corporation. Tyson’s eyes shone when he saw his guests or, more precisely, when he saw the beautiful Sabrina. He wanted to take her for the night but didn’t show his intentions right away. Instead, he started talking business with Timothy.

He was gunning for the drinking session that would come after this negotiation. All negotiations were accompanied by a small drinking session, as it was a good way to draw the relationship of the parties involved closer.

When the time was right, Tyson praised, “I envy you, Mr. Reinhart. Not only have you achieved such success at a young age, but you also have a gorgeous lady to accompany you. You’re such a lucky man.”

“You flatter me, Mr. Zweithar.” Timothy didn’t like how Tyson was looking at Sabrina. He leaned over and blocked Tyson’s sight. Then, he held up his glass, trying to raise a toast.

However, Tyson pushed him away. “We’ve had a lot to drink, Mr. Reinhart, but I have yet to share a drink with the lovely lady. A toast, Miss Gulliver.” He raised his glass, leering at Sabrina.

She was disgusted by his lascivious look, but this was an important project for Timothy, so she forced herself to raise a toast as well. “A toast, Mr. Zweithar.”

The sooner I finish this, the sooner we can leave. With this thought in mind, she gulped the alcohol down, and a burning sensation immediately spread across her throat. She choked on it and went into a coughing fit from drinking it too quickly.

Timothy was frowning, and his smile was slowly replaced by a look of fury. However, Tyson didn’t notice it. His eyes were glued to Sabrina. Unsure if it was due to her coughing fit or if she was getting intoxicated from the wine, her cheeks had turned rosy, making her look all the more captivating.

Tyson couldn’t wait to cop a feel, and he poured another glass of wine for Sabrina. “Good show, Miss Gulliver. Why don’t we have a drinking contest?” He gulped his glass of wine down before Sabrina could say no. She had no choice but to drink the wine, but she was now annoyed by Tyson.

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