Always Been Yours Chapter 1297

Timothy still had no idea Sabrina wanted to be his girlfriend. A moment later, they arrived at her house. “We’re here. Get some rest, and don’t push yourself.”

“You too, sir.” Sabrina waved him goodbye. She stood outside her house’s gates, seeing Timothy off. After he was out of sight, she went into her house with a smile. It was a scary day, but at least she got something good out of it. At least Timothy was treating her like he used to.

Nicholas was in the VIP ward, taking care of Tessa. He washed her up, and then they lay in bed, talking about secrets. “Did you notice something different with Timothy when you talked to him earlier?”

“Hm? What happened?” Nicholas looked at her. Tessa told him what she had seen earlier in the day. “He denied it, but I felt that something was wrong between him and Sabrina.”

“They fought?” Nicholas thought this was curious. The girl likes Timothy a lot. No way would Sabrina argue with him.

Tessa shook her head. “I don’t know the details, but it looked like a fight and I think Timothy started it. Wonder what happened between them.” Nicholas chuckled. “I thought you were Tim’s sister. Why are you helping his assistant?”

“Because she deserves my help. You weren’t here, so you didn’t witness how Timothy was acting.” Tessa told him what happened.

Huh. Sounds like he was throwing a tantrum. He held her in his arms, letting her speak. She continued, “I can see Sabrina likes him. She’s working just to see him.”

“So, you are fine with her marrying your brother? Nicholas looked at her jokingly. Tessa answered, “I think she’s nice. She’s a good match for Tim.”

“True, but this is their relationship. Before we can ascertain their feelings, we should stay out of it.” He didn’t want this affair to get in the way of her recovery.

Tessa knew what he was thinking. Smiling, she blurted, “I’m not being a worrywart. I just want him to find someone. Now that we have our second baby, I will have to spend more time with the family. I might neglect Timothy, so I would like him to have a partner as well.”

“You just love to worry.” Nicholas scraped her nose. He could understand where she was coming from, however. Tessa scrunched her nose up and smiled. “He’s my only brother. I have to worry, don’t I?” “I know, but you can’t rush relationships,”

Nicholas said. He still didn’t want her to step into the matter too much. She knew that, of course. “I know.” Timothy knew nothing about relationships. If she tried to force him through it, she might end up causing another disaster, so Tessa would put it aside. for now. “Besides, I should focus on my recovery first.”

Since Timothy had important things to do the next morning, he didn’t come to the hospital, so Nicholas stayed back. Once they had breakfast, Nicholas asked Edward to take the files he needed to deal with for the day to the hospital. He spent the whole morning going through files and calling online conferences.

Tessa didn’t disturb him. Instead, she watched Gregory as he did his homework. Golden sunshine rained down upon the family, draping. them in a warm, shimmering blanket of gold.

At the same time, Timothy had arrived at the company.

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