Always Been Yours Chapter 1296

The thugs stopped and turned around. “Well, look what we have here. A pretty boy.” As if seeing her savior, Sabrina quickly broke free and approached Timothy, then hid behind him like a scared little cat.

Upset with their failed attempt at taking her away, the thugs shot Timothy withering glares. ‘Is she your girlfriend, punk? You’d better think carefully before you answer.”

“If you don’t know her, you’d better leave, or else. Don’t poke your nose where it doesn’t belong.”

They’re threatening me? Timothy’s face darkened, and he shot the thugs a similarly withering glare. Without thinking, he defended. Sabrina. ‘She’s my girlfriend. Now leave, or I’m calling the police.”

Timothy was relieved by his interaction with Nicholas as he gained insight into Nicholas’ stern demeanor. Effortlessly, he scared the thugs into submission, and they froze. Soon, he noticed their faltering footsteps and roared, “Scram!”

Shudders ran down the thugs’ spines. They chose to flee rather than engage Timothy in combat, especially given his intimidating appearance.

“Let’s go. Dammit, this is not our day.” Scared, the thugs ran. Timothy heaved a sigh of relief. He was worried the thugs might refuse to go. Good thing he managed to scare them.

Sabrina stared at him with stars in her eyes. She could no longer hide her love for him. He said I was his girlfriend. Yes! She felt her heart. race.

Once the thugs were gone, he turned around, ready to calm her down, but instead, he was met with her starry gaze, and he froze. He forgot what he wanted to say, and she froze as well. So, she stared at him, her eyes filled with anticipation and coyness.

The air around them turned a little awkward and flirtatious. Fortunately, Timothy cleared the air quickly with a cough. “Um, don’t take it seriously. I was only trying to scare those punks.”

Sabrina blinked. I do take it seriously. Ever since I saw you, I’ve been trying to be your girlfriend. She nodded nonchalantly. ‘It’s alright, Mr.. Reinhart. I know.” She said that, but she still felt a little downtrodden.

The awkward situation followed them on the way back, and they were quiet most of the time. Timothy was staring straight ahead, and the air felt a bit stuffy.

Finally, Sabrina couldn’t take it anymore, and she broke the ice, “What kind of woman do you like?” “Why do you ask?” She smiled and uttered, “Well, you looked like a hero back then. Whoever gets to be your girlfriend is lucky.”

Timothy smiled in response. However, she was a little sad that he wasn’t answering. “Was that not a good question to ask?”

“Not exactly.” He looked at her and said, “I like a gentle, tough, and innocent woman. Like Tessa, and better yet, if she isn’t full of schemes.”

“Not the hardest requirements to fulfill.” Sabrina compared herself to Timothy’s requirements. Hmm! I fit the bill. Well, the last one, probably not. I am approaching him with a goal, but that goal is love, so that’s not scheming, right?

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