Always Been Yours Chapter 1295

Sabrina was speaking proudly about her family. Then, Timothy chuckled at her statement. / see. She’s a lot wealthier than I think.

So, they went into the restaurant. She noticed that he was treating her as he had before, which delighted her. So, she picked up the menu and introduced, “These are the dishes I’ve had. I think you’ll like them.”

“Pick whatever you want. I’m not eating, remember?” He pushed the menu back to her.

Well, if you insist. Sabrina ordered her favorites. The chef wasted no time cooking the food, and her food was served quickly. Then, she ladled a bowl of soup for Timothy. “Here. They served delicious soup.”

“Thanks.” He took a sip. Oh, nice. I can take Tess and Greg here. They made small talk and eventually brought up their personal matters. He was reminded of the news she told him, and he said, “You said your parents arranged the blind date. I presume they’re searching for al man worthy of your family’s stature?”

“Yep.” She dug into her dinner and nodded.

However, Sabrina failed to notice the look of annoyance on Timothy’s face. For some reason, he didn’t like that she was arranged for a blind date. He looked at the table and asked coldly, “So, what do you think about it?”

“I don’t like arranged marriage. I wouldn’t marry. anyone I didn’t like,” she said honestly, but she didn’t even look at Timothy. Her stomach was rumbling, and she needed to eat, so what she said earlier was the message she wanted to tell him anyway.

Nevertheless, he didn’t know that message was meant for him, but still, he felt delighted all of a sudden. Then, he nodded, a smile curling his lips. ‘True. Marriage requires love as its. foundation, like Tess and Nicholas.”

After dinner, Timothy offered to take Sabrina home. Since their car was far from them, he said, “Wait for me. I’ll take the car.”

“Alright. Be careful.” She nodded and saw him off. The moment he was out of sight, she couldn’t hide her love for him anymore.

Suddenly, a stranger teased, “Waiting for a ride, cutie? We have a ride. Wanna come with us?” Then, the drunk man pounced on her.

Shocked, she screamed and tried to escape, but the drunk man’s friend caught her. “Don’t run, cutie. It’s your lucky night.” “Get away from me!” She swung her bag,

slamming it against the man again and again. However, her resistance was futile. The man wasn’t scared at all. Instead, he yanked her bag. away. “Now calm down, cutie.” He leered.

“Let me go!” She tried her best to retrieve her bag, but it was useless. The men’s companions were also approaching her, and she panicked. “Go away! I’m not going with you people!” She flailed around, but still, it failed to stop these thugs from touching her.

When Timothy returned, he saw what the men were trying to do to Sabrina, and he felt anger flaring within his chest. He got out of the car, furious as a beast, and the air around him seemed to tense up in his presence. He approached the drunken men, shouting, “Let her go!”

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