Always Been Yours Chapter 1294

Sabrina explained the reason she was at the office with a smile. Surprised that she would stay back for that reason, Timothy froze. A strange feeling welled in his heart, but he couldn’t exactly describe it. He looked at her and said, ‘Everyone’s gone home now, so you should too. We won’t encourage overtime.”

“I know.” She nodded. Then, she looked at him. again and asked, “Why did you come back, Mr. Reinhart? Do you need anything?” “I’m here for my file. Left a file in the office.” Following that, he went into his office..

However, Sabrina stayed back and waited for Timothy. A few minutes later, he emerged from his office. He noticed she was still around, so he frowned. “Why are you still here?”

She fidgeted for a moment and looked at him. “I was waiting for you.”

“Why?” With all her courage mustered in her heart, Sabrina asked, “Have you had dinner yet?’ Their relationship had gone tense over the last couple of days. Still, she didn’t like that, so she wanted to smooth things out.

Timothy noticed that and replied, ‘I have.” The conversation should’ve ended there, but for some reason, he continued, “What about you?”

That question changed her mood right away. Suddenly, her eyes shone, and she said, “Not yet. Can you stay with me until I have dinner?” She looked at him, anticipation flaring in her eyes.

Then, he frowned, but he didn’t decline for some reason. He couldn’t say that to those sparkling eyes, so he nodded.

“Nice. Let’s go, Mr. Reinhart. I know a good place. You’ll love it.” Sabrina happily packed her things and told Timothy about the restaurant they were going to. For some reason, listening to her talk calmed him down a lot.

Afterward, she led the way, and they came to a home restaurant. A beautifully decorated home restaurant. “This is my usual haunt. The chef is magnificent. I have no idea how he comes up with the dishes, but they’re magical. Limited, though. They’re probably sold out at this hour,” she gushed about the restaurant.

Timothy looked at the restaurant, and he cocked his eyebrow. The decoration alone told him that the foods here cost a lot. Afterward, he looked at his assistant. “This is your usual haunt? So, you’re rich. Why did you want to work as my assistant then?”

Sabrina froze and blinked. “Simply because I’m rich doesn’t mean I can’t work, does it?”

“It doesn’t. I’m curious.” He gazed into her eyes, trying to see through her. When she heard that, she flashed a half-lie. “Simple. I think the company has a bright future, so I came.”

Nevertheless, he loved that compliment. So, Timothy looked at Sabrina and gently said, “Seems like you’re confident in our future.”

“Of course. We’ve been showing a lot of potential since last year. I believe we’ll be an established company in Southend soon. So, I want to work with you before the company grows. Fighting for a better future. Smart, don’t you think?”

She’s smug. A smile curled Timothy’s lip. “Yes, but did your parents agree to this?”

“Of course. They love me, so they let me do whatever I want. They wouldn’t stop me. Besides, my brother can handle the family business.”

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