Always Been Yours Chapter 1293

Sabrina said a quick goodbye and left in at hurry. If she stayed for a moment longer, she thought she would cry. Still, Tessa noticed her downtrodden emotion and shot her brother a look. “Are you guys fighting?”

However, Timothy pursed his lips and denied, “No. You’re reading too much into it.” “Am I?” She doubted his words. Nevertheless, she felt her brother was hiding something, but since he didn’t want to talk, she didn’t ask.

Meanwhile, Sabrina went home. She came from a wealthy family and could have had an easy life if she hadn’t wanted to court Timothy.

Soon, the butler approached her and took the thermos off her hands. “You are back, Miss.”

Then, she nodded and pursed her lips. When. she was about to go upstairs, she ran into her parents. One glance and they knew their daughter was in a bad mood. So, they stopped in their tracks to find out why their daughter was upset. “Did someone upset you?”

“Sabrina, tell Daddy who did this. I’ll whoop his At that moment, Sabrina couldn’t hold her feelings anymore, not when her parents came to her aid. “Daddy, Mommy, I wonder if I did something wrong. No matter what I do, he still won’t fall for me.” Soon, she started to sob.

Oh, it’s that Reinhart kid again. Figario felt for his daughter, and she was his treasure. The girl he raised with love, but now she was working as Timothy’s assistant and brewed soup every day for Tessa. Moreover, Sabrina hadn’t even done that for her parents. Still, that kid won’t give her a moment of his time? Angered, Figario said, “I told you he’s not for you, and did you listen? No. You had to go for him as a moth attracted to fire.”

When Sabrina heard that, she burst into tears.

Worried about her daughter, Melina pulled her daughter into her embrace. “Now, don’t cry, baby. Don’t listen to your daddy.” She shot him a glare. “Will you shut it? She’s already sad enough as it is.”

However, Figario was heartbroken seeing his daughter cry, but he was also angry that Timothy wouldn’t give her the time of day after all she did for him. Now that she’s disappointed in him, I’m going to make her give up on him. I have to be the bad cop here. “You became an assistant and refused a blind date for him. What’s so bad about the guy I introduced? Also, what’s so good about that Reinhart kid?”

“I like Timothy. No one else. If I’m going to marry someone, I want to marry someone I like. Everyone I don’t like is bad,” Sabrina said. She was choking, but she was adamant.

However, her parents couldn’t force their daughter to do anything she didn’t want, so they comforted her.

That night, Nicholas came to take over, and Timothy finally went back home. Or at least he would, but then he realized he had left. something at the company, so he went back. When he exited the elevator, he saw his office lights still on. “Weird. Someone’s working overtime at this hour?” He frowned and entered the room. The first thing he saw was Sabrina, and he asked, “Why are you still here?”

“Mr. Reinhart?” She was surprised to see him, and she almost leaped in shock. Nevertheless, Timothy’s frown deepened, and he looked at her desk. “What are you doing?”

“Documents for tomorrow’s meeting. I’m trying to sort it out so you can go through them easier during tomorrow’s meeting.”

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