Always Been Yours Chapter 1291

In the end, Timothy simply gave up on his work. and shut his eyes to rest behind his desk instead. After a while, he heard a knock on his door. Sabrina entered the room in her usual formal and smart outfit. “Miss Neilman told me that you were looking for me, Mr. Reinhart, she murmured.

Timothy opened his eyes to find himself staring at the young lady, who looked especially dainty. and bright that day. He felt frustrated for some reason. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were taking half the day off?” he asked in a rather rude tone. Sabrina was about to explain herself when Timothy continued lecturing her. “I don’t care what your reason is, but I don’t want to hear of you leaving work to engage in non-work- related matters in the future!”

Sabrina froze when she realized how agitated Timothy seemed to be. She was surprised at first, but she then felt a surge of joy as she thought, Does this mean that Timothy actually cares about me? With that thought in mind, she tried to test him out. “Do you know why I took half the day off, Mr. Reinhart?”

“You went on a blind date when you were supposed to be working! Who permitted you to do that?” Timothy barked at Sabrina. He didn’t seem to realize the hopeful twinkle in her eyes. Sabrina hastily explained herself when she realized that the man had misunderstood her. “My family made these last-minute arrangements and I simply couldn’t reject them. I promise this will not happen again,’ she said.

“I don’t care if there’s a next time. You don’t have to explain yourself to me!’ Timothy hissed. Sabrina’s heart sank when she saw the icy look on the man’s face. Did he say that he doesn’t care? So, he’s not bothered at all.

“I got it. I won’t do this again,’ she replied with her head hung low. “Do you have any other orders, Mr. Reinhart?” she asked in a more formal tone.

For some reason, Timothy felt even more frustrated when he saw the way that Sabrina was acting with him. “It’s fine. Just go back to work,” he ordered with a sour look on his face. Sabrina nodded and left the room after that.

As such, Timothy was the only one left in his office. A glum look flashed across his eyes as he sat alone behind his desk. He felt terrible. He had intended to use his work to distract himself from his feelings, but he couldn’t seem to do that at all. His work efficiency was horribly impacted that day. He only managed to go through all his documents by the end of the day, and he massaged his temples once he was done. “Is it because I didn’t get enough sleep last night?” he mumbled to himself.

With that thought, Timothy cleaned his desk up and prepared to head home for an early night. Once he got home, he took a quick shower before lying in bed and preparing to sleep. However, he couldn’t seem to fall asleep after he got to bed.

He still felt an odd sense of frustration in his chest. “What’s wrong with me?” Timothy was utterly dumbfounded. He ended up opening a bottle of wine and after getting through half a bottle, he finally started feeling sleepy.

The next morning, Nicholas cleaned Tessa up and brushed her teeth before he fed her some breakfast. Gregory was with them and he was extremely elated to be with his mother. “Is it good, Mommy?”

‘It’s great. Do you want some?” Tessa turned to look at her child.

Gregory shook his head. “You can have it. I had enough to eat before I came here,” he explained. After their meal, they continued chatting in the room. Nicholas asked Gregory about his recent results. “Your teacher mentioned that you had an exam a few days ago. How did that go?” Nicholas asked.

“I got full marks, of course.” Gregory stuck his chin up in a haughty manner. Tessa found his actions extremely adorable. “That’s my smart little kid. You got full marks for all subjects!”

Gregory beamed widely at that. The family was still chit-chatting when Timothy showed up. He was there to take over Nicholas’ role of caring for Tessa, as Nicholas had some matters to handle in the office.

Tessa was the first to realize the change in Timothy’s mood. After urging her brother to sit, she prompted, “What’s going on? You seem rather pale. Did anything happen at work?”

Her questions made sense. Timothy had been fine just one day ago and yet, he seemed completely different the next day. Tessa couldn’t think of anything else other than the possibility of something going wrong at work.

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