Always Been Yours Chapter 1290

When Timothy watched the couple chatting among themselves, he felt like they had completely forgotten about his existence. It feels like my presence isn’t needed here. However, he also understood how they felt. Tessa had barely survived the incident, so their love for one another had to be stronger after such a terrifying event. Timothy took another glance at the sweet smile on his sister’s face before he turned around and walked away quietly.

Tessa and Nicholas didn’t realize the other man’s departure at all. Both of them were too engaged in their show of love for one another. After Timothy got back to the office, he plunged himself into all his work tasks once more.

He had been gone for days, so there was a lot of work waiting for him. He had a meeting with some staff members and was about to head back to continue with his work in the office when he heard his good friend’s voice coming from behind him.

“Wait up, Timothy!” Henry called as he speed- walked toward Timothy. “What is it?” Timothy asked, puzzled. “Is anyone taking care of Tessa now that you’re back in the office?” Henry asked.

Timothy nodded. “My brother-in-law is there, so you don’t have to worry about her,” he replied.

“I see. How’s Tessa now?” Henry asked. Timothy was touched to see the genuine concern on Henry’s face. He was especially grateful toward Henry as the man was the one who handled most of the company matters when Timothy had been occupied with caring for his sister.

“She’s recovering well. I’ll buy you a meal once she’s fully healed,” Timothy offered.

“You’re being too nice,’ Henry protested as he landed a playful punch on Timothy’s chest, causing him to laugh. “I insist. You’ve done a lot in recent days.”

“Fine. If you insist on buying me a meal, I’ll have to make sure that it’s an extremely expensive one!” Henry stuck his tongue out to make a funny face, and Timothy nodded in agreement.. Right then, Henry seemed to recall something, and his expression turned serious once more. “By the way, my parents saw the news about Tessa regaining consciousness.

They’ve been wanting to pay her a visit, but they were also worried about disrupting her recovery, so they haven’t gone over yet. Why don’t you give me a time that would work best for Tessa? I can arrange for my parents to visit her. They’d feel relieved if they got to see her in person, Henry suggested.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Timothy allowed the visitation as Henry’s parents sounded really thoughtful and concerned. Both men chatted for a while more, and they soon got into talking about their work. Once Timothy returned to his

office, he picked up his landline to make a call. “Please make me a cup of coffee, Miss Gulliver,” Timothy uttered.

However, he froze when he realized that the call hadn’t gotten through. In the past, Sabrina would pick up his call just seconds after he dialed her number, so he was used to having her on the line. Right then, Timothy frowned before he hung up the call and walked out. To his surprise, Sabrina wasn’t in her office when he went over to look for her.

“Where’s Sabrina?” Timothy turned to his other secretary. ‘Miss Gulliver took half the day off, so she’s not in now, the other secretary replied.

“Why did she need half the day off?” Timothy asked instinctively. He didn’t realize how his. care for Sabrina had surpassed the usual. boundaries that would be expected between at boss and his subordinates. The secretary didn’t seem to sense anything odd either, so she told Timothy whatever she knew about Sabrina.

“I heard that Miss Gulliver’s family wanted her to go on a blind date,” the secretary replied.

“A blind date, huh? Why haven’t I heard of this before? There was a hint of displeasure in Timothy’s voice, but he didn’t seem to realize it. He didn’t realize how his brows were knitted either.

“I’m not sure. Do you need anything, Mr. Reinhart?” the secretary asked.

“No. You can go on with whatever you were working on,” Timothy uttered before heading back to his own office. He felt rather moody, but he didn’t pay much attention to his emotions. He simply picked up one of his documents before going through it.

However, after staring at the papers for a few minutes, he realized that he couldn’t seem to make sense of a single sentence. “What’s going on?” He frowned even harder than before. A look of confusion flashed across his gaze. / used to be so much more efficient than this. The old me would’ve been able to go through a few different files by now. I don’t get it! What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I focus on my work?

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