Always Been Yours Chapter 1289

Tessa had already lost one child, so it felt like she had two children’s worth of love to place on this baby. She knew that she wouldn’t have been able to handle the situation if she had lost this baby as well. She would surely have gone crazy. Her tears rolled down her cheeks before landing on the back of Nicholas’ hand.

Her tears left a burning sensation on Nicholas’ skin and he felt a tight feeling in his chest. “All right. It’s all over now. Fortunately, both you and the baby are safe now.” He lifted his hand and gently wiped the tears off Tessa’s face while speaking to her softly. Despite his tenderness, Tessa couldn’t seem to stop crying. She continued to sob to herself.

Nicholas had no choice but to get Tessa to look him directly in the face. “No more crying!” he uttered in a firm and stern voice. “But I can’t stop myself…” Tessa blinked a few times as more tears rolled down her cheeks. Nicholas felt sorry for her when he saw the look on her face. “Stop crying. It hurts me to see you like this,” he muttered after planting kisses on Tessa’s eyelids.

She froze for a moment before she nodded and tried her best to contain her emotions. After a while, her tears finally came to a halt. Nicholas was relieved to see this, and he bent down to give her another kiss on her forehead. “That’s right. No more crying from now on,” he ordered.

“What’s this about?” Tessa realized how Nicholas seemed a lot more mindful of her emotions than before. He pinched the tip of her sharp nose as he explained himself.

“Have you forgotten about the fact that you’re now in your postnatal period? I’ve heard that it’s bad to cry too much during this period. Crying affects your mood and might lead to postpartum depression.”

Tessa couldn’t help but laugh when she heard the way the guy even drew connections to a mental health condition. She hooked an arm around his neck as she beamed and responded in a sweet voice, “I don’t think I’d ever have a reason to be depressed. You’re too nice to me.”

“Well, I guess you’re right.” Nicholas nodded as he saw the logic in her words. He believed that most of the women with postpartum depression were probably women who had neglectful or bad husbands.

He thought that an unhealthy relationship might contribute to postpartum depression. He, on the other hand, was trying his best to give Tessa all the good things on earth.

Tessa was already smiling, but she spread her lips into a wide grin when she saw the prideful look on the man’s face. Then, she turned around and relaxed in Nicholas’ arms. “Why don’t we have another child soon? Let’s have a little girl. She’ll have two brothers who can protect her, she uttered thoughtfully.

Nicholas wanted to reject Tessa’s suggestion, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it when he saw the hopeful look in her eyes. Truth was, he didn’t want another child. He had been fine when Tessa gave birth to Gregory-he hadn’t been there to witness the process.

However, after what he witnessed during Tessa’s recent childbirth and after he nearly lost her, Nicholas was genuinely terrified. He felt like his heart shattered when he saw Tessa’s weak figure lying on the bed.

Nicholas couldn’t bear for Tessa to go through the same amount of suffering again. He felt like it was too risky to have his wife give birth to another child. “Let’s talk about this in the future. What matters now is that you recover well,” he said. He didn’t give a solid answer as he wanted to avoid the topic for the time being.

Tessa simply nodded without saying much. She could already tell what was going through his mind-she knew how traumatic her accident had been for him.

I have to focus on getting better now but once I’m all better, I’ll gradually convince him and soothe his fears. At that thought, Tessa decided that she could switch their topic of conversation for the time being. “Have we decided on a name for the baby?”

“Not yet. The family wants to know your opinion since you were the one who risked your life to have the child, Nicholas said as he chuckled and leaned closer to her. Tessa was shocked to hear that she was permitted to choose her child’s name. “I’ll have to think of a good name for him, then.”

“You can take your time. There’s no rush,” Nicholas murmured before he planted another kiss on her cheek, causing Tessa to smile at him.

Meanwhile, Timothy sat in the corner of the room and watched while his sister and brother- in-law acted all lovey-dovey toward each other. He felt rather tired of being the third wheel, but he also felt rather safe and comforted to see them before his eyes. “I’m so glad you’re still here, Tessa,” he mumbled to himself. His gaze was tender and kind as he looked at her.

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