Always Been Yours Chapter 1287

Tessa noticed the troubled look on her brother’s face. “What is it?” she asked worriedly. “Old Mrs. Reinhart has disappeared and I have to go look for her. Don’t worry about it, Tessa. You should just focus on your recovery.” Timothy hurried off after that. However, Tessa didn’t feel too reassured by his words.

Later in the evening, when Nicholas arrived at the hospital, he found Tessa resting in bed with a glum look on her face. “Did something happen?” he asked with a look of concern in his eyes. Tessa hesitated for a moment before she decided to be honest with him.

“It’s Old Mrs. Reinhart. Her condition was worsening in the afternoon, so Timothy went over to visit her. I believe they fought and Old Mrs. Reinhart seems to have run away from the hospital now. Timothy went to look for her, but I’m still a little worried,” Tessa uttered.

“Let me handle this. I’ll get my men to find her. You don’t have to worry about it.” Nicholas didn’t want Tessa to worry about this matter, so he offered to take matters into his own hands. Soon enough, he got Edward to head out and find the old woman.

In the meantime, the old woman that everyone was searching for had actually returned to the Reinhart Family’s old villa. After Timothy heard about this, he rushed back to the house. He slammed the door behind him with a bang and stormed into the house to find Amber sitting on the couch with a despondent look on her face. Timothy was furious when he saw that.

“What are you trying to do? Do you think Tessa and I are too afraid to exert more control over you? Is that why you’re acting so recklessly?” Timothy growled.

“I don’t need you guys to control me. Just let me die here.” In contrast to Timothy’s rage, Amber was in a state of peace. However, her words only made the man angrier than ever. “Oh, now you’re saying that you want to die, huh? Well, it’s too late for that!” Timothy stomped over and grabbed the old woman’s arm. “Come on! Let’s go back to the hospital!”

“Let go of me. I know you and Tessa despise me. I’m asking to die now, so why would you guys still bother to keep me alive?” Amber tried to wrestle away from Timothy’s grip, but she was ill and old, so she was no match for his strength. Timothy, on the other hand, slowed his footsteps down after he heard what Amber said.

“Yeah, you were really mean to Tessa and me, and we hated you when we were younger. We still hate you now, but we’re willing to take responsibility for you because of the same blood that we share.

That prevents us from feeling guilty and it also shows you that we aren’t as horrible as you think us to be. We want you to realize that it was your fault for treating us the way you did in the past!” Timothy continued walking out the door without looking back after that. When he got back to Tessa’s room, Timothy saw that Nicholas had arrived. “Hey, Nicholas!”

Timothy greeted. “I heard you found Old Mrs. Reinhart,” Nicholas said.

“Yeah. She went back to the old Reinhart Residence. She wanted to sit around and wait for her death, but I got others to send her back to the hospital already,” Timothy replied.

Tessa couldn’t believe her ears. She thought of Amber as someone who cherished her own life, and she couldn’t picture the elderly woman wanting to give up and die. “Is Old Mrs. Reinhart up to something again?”

“I don’t think so. Well, either way, you shouldn’t worry about it, Tessa. I’ll handle it,” Timothy muttered, to which Tessa nodded obediently. In the meantime, the old woman hung her head low as she sat on her bed after she was sent

back to the hospital. Timothy’s words kept ringing in her mind, and she couldn’t help but scorn herself over what had happened. “I made a huge mistake in the past.

I was wrong. I mistreated Tessa and Timothy-that’s why the skies are punishing me with cancer. The rest of my family members have been hiding and running from me since I got my diagnosis.

Tessa and Timothy are the only ones who have stayed with me. They agreed to pay for my treatment regardless of how much trouble 1 caused them and yet, I failed to see the good in them. I’ve failed…” Amber wept to herself.

Amber had been mumbling to herself, so her nanny didn’t hear everything that she said. When the nanny saw Amber crying, she assumed that Amber was crying because of her deteriorating condition. “Don’t be sad, Old Mrs. Reinhart. The doctor told you that you’re still in the early stages of cancer. If you go along with the treatment plan, you might be able to live for much longer.”

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