Always Been Yours Chapter 1286

“Thank you for letting me know, doctor. I’ll think about your suggestion,” Timothy uttered while nodding at the doctor. Later that night, Amber was sent back to her ward. Timothy’s expression was grim as he entered the room- he was close to losing his temper at her.

“What are you trying to do now? Tessa got injured, and she barely survived the accident. I have to take care of her. I don’t have any additional time to fool around with you! If you want to die so badly, you should just find an empty spot and hide away to die there. Stop being such a bother!” Timothy hissed.

Amber’s face turned sour as well. “You can ignore me if you don’t have time for me. Just let me die on my own here,” she mumbled in a frustrated tone. This only made Timothy even more furious.

“You say that, yet you’re the one who contacted Tessa and me in the first place. You wouldn’t have done that if you genuinely wanted to die!” he cried. Amber did not argue against his statement. It was true-she had been afraid to die at first.

Timothy took a deep breath as he stared at the old woman who had gone silent. “I’m giving you a final warning-Tessa and I will no longer show you the same care if you fool around again. We’ve already given you more than you deserve from us, anyway.”

Timothy stormed out of the room after that, and Amber was left with the nanny who had been hired to care for her. The nanny tried to soothe Amber when she saw how furious Amber was.

“Mr. and Miss Reinhart are really nice to take care of you, Old Mrs. Reinhart. If you want to live for a few more years, you should really listen to the doctors. You shouldn’t joke around with your life, the nanny uttered.

“Get out!” Amber shouted at the nanny. The nanny sighed before she shook her head and left the room. There’s no hope for this old woman. She has the chance to enjoy her life, yet she insists on causing trouble for everyone. I bet she’ll regret her actions someday. Amber had no idea what the nanny thought of her, of course.

Amber sat alone on her bed as she recalled what Timothy said earlier. She also thought about the suffering that she was put through during her recent chemotherapy. “Since my life is a mistake, I might as well end it all now. Everyone will be free of their responsibilities, and I’ll be able to repay my debts,” Amber mumbled to herself.

Her eyes glistened with tears as she came to a firm decision. After that, she tore off the tubes that were connected to her hands before she sneaked out of the hospital. Amber already had the thought of ending her life when she visited Tessa two days ago.

She had hidden behind the window outside Tessa’s room and saw how everyone was so genuinely concerned about Tessa’s condition. Furthermore, that was the first time Amber saw such a warm and beautiful smile on Tessa’s face.

That was the first time Amber realized that she might have made a mistake in the past. However, Amber knew that Tessa and Timothy didn’t want to hear her apologies at that point. That was, therefore, the first time Amber felt like her existence might be a burden to someone else.

After Timothy left Amber’s room, he headed back to look for his sister. Tessa noticed that Timothy seemed rather unhappy when he walked in. “Did you fight with Old Mrs. Reinhart?” she asked

“It’s nothing. You should just focus on your recovery. You don’t have to care about these matters-I’ll handle them on my own,” Timothy uttered. He didn’t want his sister to go through too much strain, so he didn’t bother to tell her much about the incident.

Tessa didn’t try to pry any further and simply nodded in agreement. She didn’t have any Interest in caring for Amber-she only showed care when she had to. Timothy and Tessa ended up chatting about other random topics after that. The atmosphere in the room was pleasant until Timothy received a call from Amber’s nanny

“Bad news, Mr. Reinhart. Old Mrs. Reinhart is missing,” the nanny announced. “What happened? She was still there when I left, Timothy replied with a frown. His face was sour and disdainful.

“I advised Old Mrs. Reinhart to be a little more obedient after you left, but she didn’t like it and chased me out instead. She was gone when I came back. I searched the whole hospital, but I don’t see her anywhere, the nanny explained.

“I got it. I’ll come over now.” Timothy ended the call with an icy look on his face. Old Mrs. Reinhart just doesn’t like to see us live in peace, huh?

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