Always Been Yours Chapter 1284

Tessa felt her insides melting when she heard the way her son spoke to her. Both mother and son were fooling around for a bit when Sofia knocked on the door and walked in with a bouquet of flowers. “You’re here, Miss Sofia!” Tessa beamed when she saw Sofia.

“Good morning, Granny Sofia!” Gregory greeted obediently. He then pulled a chair over for Sofia. “Have a seat!” “What a thoughtful child,” Sofia praised. “How are you feeling today?” she asked as she turned her attention to Tessa.

“I’m doing fine. There’s no need to worry about me, Miss Sofia,” Tessa assured her. Tessa knew how worried Sofia had been over this matter, and she was touched to know that Sofia had traveled such so far just to visit and care for her. Sofia could tell that Tessa was in good spirits, although she still seemed rather pale. “I’m glad you’re fine. I was so shocked when I first heard the news,’ she replied after nodding.

“I was stunned as well. I never expected such a thing to happen, Tessa explained. She could still feel fear when she recalled the incident. “I feel like I only survived the situation because of my determination and will to live. I didn’t want to leave my husband and child,” Tessa uttered.

They chatted for a while more after that. “After this incident, I’m certain that you’ve found yourself a really amazing husband, Sofia uttered with a sigh. Tessa smiled as she continued to listen to her teacher’s praises. “I saw how your husband waited and cared for you these few days. It was a touching sight,” Sofia added.

Tess nodded with a sweet smile, and Sofia returned the smile. “I’m glad to see that you’re all better now. I feel better about leaving now that I know you’re safe and sound,” Sofia uttered.

“Are you heading back already, Miss Sofia?” Tessa didn’t want Sofia to leave yet. However, Sofia nodded. “It was a last-minute decision to come here, so there’s a bunch of matters I have to handle for the orchestra. I have to go back,” Sofia explained. Tessa no longer tried to persuade Sofia to stay after that.

Sofia gave Tessa some words of support before heading off. “Take good care of yourself. The rest of your seniors and I are all waiting for you to come back,” she told Tessa. “I got it,” Tessa replied with a smile. She waved as Sofia stepped out of the ward.

Later that evening, Timothy and Sabrina showed up in the hospital. Sabrina brought some soup for Tessa. ‘Tess, I specially bought this herbal chicken soup for you, and it’s supposed to be really good for recovery. You should try some of it,” Sabrina uttered as she poured the soup into a bowl.

Tessa smiled as she took the bowl over. “That’s so thoughtful of you. Thank you for taking care of Timothy throughout this period, too.” Tessa knew that Sabrina had been caring for her brother while she was in a coma.

Sabrina shook her head with a humble and bashful look on her face. “I’m just completing my duties. It’s my job to take care of Mr. Reinhart,” she uttered. Then, she took a glance at the tall and burly man who was standing beside him. A hint of tenderness flashed in her gaze as she looked at him.

Unfortunately, Timothy didn’t realize anything- he was too focused on getting Tessa to drink her soup. Sabrina felt disappointed, but she tried to keep her spirits high as she spoke to Tessa. Sabrina was a sensitive and perceptive woman-she knew to depart by the time Tessa was almost done with her soup.

“You guys can have a chat, Tessa and Mr. Reinhart. I’ll head back to the office for work now,” she stated. Timothy simply nodded without saying much-even Tessa showed more concern than him for her. “Drive safe,” Tessa said.

“Got it.” Sabrina nodded before leaving the room. Tessa couldn’t help but laugh out loud after she saw the woman storming out of the room.

Then, Tessa seemed to recall something before she turned to her brother and stared at him with a mysterious look in her eyes. “Your assistant’s really nice.” Timothy was stunned to hear Tessa’s sudden comment. “So? What do you mean?” he asked while staring at Tessa in confusion.

Tessa was speechless for a while. Timothy’s a little too serious and insensitive! I bet he didn’t realize that Sabrina likes him. Tessa couldn’t help but bring up the topic of marriage again.

She was worried that someone with her brother’s EQ might never realize anything about Sabrina otherwise. “Well, you’re getting old. Shouldn’t you be looking for a partner by now?” Tessa asked. Timothy was even more stunned after hearing Tessa’s words.

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