Always Been Yours Chapter 1283

Soon enough, Tessa fell asleep in Nicholas’ arms. It was a heartwarming sight to see both of them sleeping in each other’s arms. When Edward came back with Gregory, they were greeted by the sight of the couple sleeping. Edward and Gregory exchanged glances. “Should I send you back to your grandmother’s place?” Edward asked.

“Sure,” Gregory replied with a nod. He was a thoughtful child, and he didn’t try to wake his parents up. He knew how exhausted Nicholas was, and he knew that Nicholas would only be able to rest after knowing that Tessa was safe and well.

Gregory and Edward tiptoed out of the room, and Edward left the guard with some orders. “Don’t let anyone go in and disturb President Sawyer and Miss Tessa from now on.” “Got it!” The guards nodded. Edward led Gregory out of the room after that.

Nicholas woke up at sunrise the next day. He felt like a rock had been lifted off his chest ever since he knew that Tessa was safe, and that allowed him to have a good night’s sleep.

Hel felt much more awake and alert that morning. When he saw the woman in his arms, he curled his lips into a smile. His gaze was filled with tenderness for the sleeping woman. After looking at her for a while, he carefully climbed out of bed before he washed himself up.

Tessa woke up a while after that. “How was your sleep?” Nicholas asked as he helped to clean Tessa up. “I had a great sleep. What about you?” she asked while beaming at him. “I slept really well, too,” he replied with a nod. Both of them had just freshened up when Edward entered with Gregory following behind.

“Daddy, Mommy!” Gregory let go of Edward’s hand before he jogged over to his parents with his short stubby legs. Gregory lifted his head up to stare at Tessa. “Did you rest well last night, Mommy? Did you miss me?”

“I had a really good rest, and I missed you loads, Tessa replied before planting a kiss on Gregory’s forehead. Gregory was so happy that his large smile nearly filled up half his face. Edward walked over to Nicholas with some lunchboxes in his hands. “Andrew told the kitchen to prepare a healthy breakfast for you guys,” Edward explained. It was evident that Edward had taken a trip back to Dynasty Gardens before coming over to the hospital.

Nicholas took the lunchboxes over. “Did you have breakfast?” he asked. “Not yet.” Edward shook his head. “Then, go have breakfast and come back to report on your work when you’re done,” Nicholas instructed.

“Thank you for your concern, President Sawyer.” Edward left the ward with a smile on his face. Nicholas fussed about it while Tessa ate. The family laughed and chatted, and joyful laughter. could be heard from the wards. After the meal, Gregory accompanied Tessa to watch TV in bed.

It was around this time that Edward returned to report on his work. Throughout this period, Nicholas hadn’t been to the company. Even though Kieran and their father helped Nicholas, Nicholas’ workload had already piled up like a mountain. Edward segregated these tasks into urgent, important, and less pressing ones and planned to let Nicholas take care of the urgent tasks first.

“President Sawyer, you might need to go to the company today. The marketing department needs you for a meeting to draft out the plan for the second half of the year, and after that, you have to meet an important client.”

“The meeting can be a video conference. As for the client, let’s postpone it for now and tell them I’m not available.” Nicholas made the relevant arrangements. Although Tessa was gradually recovering, Nicholas was still worried and wanted to stay by her side.

Tessa could tell what he was thinking. “If it’s an important client, don’t reschedule! I’m fine here; don’t delay the company’s affairs because of me.”

Nicholas was reluctant to leave, but he was eventually persuaded by Tessa. Gregory offered to help out as well. “You can focus on your work, Daddy. I’ll take care of Mommy.” Nicholas ended up being convinced by the mother and son. Once Nicholas left, Gregory tried his very best to care for and provide for his mother.

“Mommy, are you thirsty? I’ll pour you some water, Gregory offered. ‘Do you want to eat some fruit, Mommy? I’ll wash it for you, the child suggested. “Mommy…”

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