Always Been Yours Chapter 1282

“Is there a rule saying that I’m not allowed to be shy just because I’ve had two of your children?” Tessa shot the man with a side-eye, but the smile on her face was filled with joy and contentment. Nicholas gazed at her lovingly.

“You’re right, honey. There’s no rule saying you can’t get shy.” He gently pulled the woman into his arms before he planted a soft kiss on her pale lips.

Nicholas felt like his insides turned to jelly the moment he felt the gentle touch of her lips. He was grateful that he didn’t lose the love of his life. Tessa’s eyes twinkled when she next looked at him, and he leaned in close to whisper into her ear. “I’m so glad you’re alive.” Tessa shut her eyes and rested her head against Nicholas’ chest after hearing his words.

“You must have been really shocked by what happened,” she mumbled. “Yeah. I nearly lost you,” Nicholas uttered as he rubbed his chin against the top of her head. His arm muscles tensed in response to the topic of their conversation, but he was careful with the strength he applied with his grip as he didn’t want to hurt her. “My heart squeezed when I saw you in a pool of blood. I had never felt such fear in my life.”

Nicholas’ voice was shaking as he recalled the scene of the car accident. He could still remember everything in great detail. “The doctor said that you had lost too much blood and wouldn’t be able to give birth to the child.

He asked me if I wanted to save you or the child, and I immediately told him to save you at all costs! We can always have another baby in the future, but I’d lose everything if I lose you…” Nicholas held Tessa in his arms as he told her what he had experienced throughout that day. His gestures and actions revealed how anxious and frightened he had felt during the incident.

Tessa felt an ache in her chest as she heard his words. She reached her arm out to hold onto Nicholas’ waist. “I can’t bear to leave you alone. I promised that I’d grow old with you, and I’m planning to keep that promise,’ she reassured. him.

“Yeah. You promised. That was why I held onto my faith in you the whole time. I was sure you wouldn’t abandon the kids and me.” Nicholas gave Tessa a tight hug before he let out a soft chuckle. “I’m glad you didn’t break your promise. Despite his calm tone, Tessa could still feel his arm trembling as he held onto her waist.

Tessa understood how shocked Nicholas had been over this incident, so she patted his back to comfort him. “I’m okay. Everything’s in the past now. It’s all fine now.”

“You’re right. Everything’s okay. It’s all in the past. Nicholas nodded before he lowered his head to kiss her hair. Both of them chatted for a while before Tessa realized how tired Nicholas seemed. She felt sorry for the man. “I bet your didn’t get to rest much throughout this period, huh? Why don’t you sleep with me tonight?” she asked.

“I’m fine. I just want you to get all the rest you need.” Nicholas shook his head. He was worried that he would accidentally move around and injure Tessa while he was in his sleep. Tessa could tell what his concerns were, so she started whining in a child-like tone. “The bed is huge. You’re not going to press on my wounds. Furthermore, you really deserve a good night’s sleep,” she said.

Nicholas hesitated for a moment after hearing her words. When Tessa realized that he was being swayed, she added to her argument. “I actually just want you to sleep with me,” she uttered. Nicholas no longer felt like he could reject her after hearing her last sentence. So, he ended up nodding in agreement.

They washed up before Nicholas climbed into bed and carefully cuddled up with Tessa. Perhaps he was tired, or perhaps he felt especially safe while holding Tessa to sleep- he fell into a deep slumber just moments after he rested his head on the pillow. Tessa could tell that the man had been overworked and exhausted when she heard his heavy breaths. Her heart ached at the sight of how tired he was.

She rested quietly in the man’s arms as she traced the outline of the man’s face with her gaze. His features weren’t as sharp, youthful, and handsome as they used to be, but Tessa found him more attractive with his somewhat mature and weathered look. The stubble on his chin made him seem especially seductive.

As she stared at the man, she was reminded of the man’s thoughtful and loving words earlier. “Thank you for having so much faith in me.. Thank you for trusting me,” she mumbled to him. After lying down for a while, she started to feel sleepy as well.

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