Always Been Yours Chapter 1281

“Yes, yes. Our precious Gregory is a lucky and blessed child.” Remus was amused by the young boy, and he bent low to lift the boy into his arms. The whole family continued chit- chatting and laughing in the ward, which lightened the atmosphere of the whole place. Tessa seemed rather pale and weak, but she kept a smile on her face the whole time.

Despite so, she was still weak, so she started feeling rather tired after a while. The rest of them could tell that she was drained, and they didn’t want to bother her while she rested, so they all suggested leaving.

Soon enough, Nicholas and Gregory were the only ones left in the room. Nicholas ordered Edward to bring all his important documents over to the ward- Nicholas finally had the heart to focus on his work now that Tessa was getting better.

Nicholas started going through his documents, but he lifted his head to check on the woman every now and then. His gaze was filled with warmth and care for the woman on the bed. Gregory, on the other hand, lay beside Tessa in bed. The young boy silently watched as his mother slept, and he couldn’t bring himself to take his eyes away from her.

The incident had been a complete shock to Gregory. Later in the day, the evening sun spilled through the windows. The warm lights and the peacefulness made the scene even more loving and warm.

Tessa ended up sleeping through most of the day. The skies were dark by the time she woke up. Gregory had been lying down beside Tessa, so he was the first to realize when Tessa woke up. “Mommy’s awake, Daddy,” Gregory called out to Nicholas excitedly. Earlier, Nicholas had told Gregory to tell him once Tessa was awake.

Upon hearing Gregory’s words, Nicholas lowered the files in his hands and strode over to the bed. “How do you feel?” he asked in a concerned tone. As he spoke, he adjusted the angle of Tessa’s reclining bed so that she could sit a little more upright in bed. Tessa settled into a comfortable seating position before she spread her lips into a sweet smile. “I had a great nap. Don’t worry about me.”

Nicholas nodded. “Are you hungry? Someone got the maids to send soup over from home, and the soup is still warm now,” he uttered.

“I do feel a little hungry.” Tessa didn’t hesitate to ask for some soup. Gregory immediately got to his feet after hearing her words. “I’m going to bring you some soup, Mommy!” he announced proudly. Nicholas didn’t stop the boy from doing SO.

After Gregory brought the flask over, Nicholas fed Tessa some chicken soup. “How does it taste? Is it okay?”

“It’s good. It’s really aromatic, Tessa replied with a smile, Gregory rested his chin on his palms as he beamed at his mother. “Well, you should drink more if you like it. That way, you’ll be able to heal at a faster pace!”

Tessa nodded before she fed Gregory some of the soup. However, Gregory rejected her offer. “Great Grandpa prepared this soup for you, Mommy. I don’t want it.” For some reason, Tessa felt a warm sensation in her chest when she heard the boy’s words. The weather was warm outside, and Tessa had just finished a bowl of warm soup, so a layer of sweat started forming on her skin after a while. She felt rather uncomfortable feeling her sticky skin.

Nicholas felt worried the moment he saw her frowning. “What is it? Are your injuries hurting you?” he asked.

“It’s not that I just feel rather uncomfortable because of how sticky and sweaty I am,” she explained while shaking her head. “I want to clean myself up a little,” she said with a helpless gaze in her eyes. Nicholas couldn’t bear to reject her when she gave him that look, so he immediately nodded and agreed.

Tessa couldn’t move around, so Nicholas ended up calling Edward over. ‘I want you to bring Gregory out to get some fruits.’ Edward was rather stunned-his gaze shifted to the basket of fruits in the pantry of the room before complaining to himself in his head. Aren’t the fruits right there? Why does he need me to buy more?

Fortunately, Edward was quick to understand the situation. It seems like President Sawyer wants me to get fruits because he wants me to bring Gregory away. Both Edward and Gregory headed out soon after that, and Nicholas and Tessa were the only ones left in the room. Nicholas headed over to the shower, where he filled a bowl with warm water before dipping a small towel into it.

He wanted to clean Tessa up with the towel. However, when Tessa saw Nicholas edging toward her with the towel in his hand, she felt oddly embarrassed. Blood shot up her cheeks and turned her pale face pink. Her expression was an adorable sight to Nicholas. “You’re already the mother of my two kids. Why are you still so shy?” he teased.

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