Always Been Yours Chapter 1279

After the doctors had done the necessary check-up, Nicholas and Timothy rushed over. “Doctor, how’s my wife’s recovery?” “Is my sister improving?” Both of them expressed their concern in unison.

The doctor smiled as he responded, “President Sawyer, you can be assured that your wife’s getting better. She’s able to communicate normally now.”

When Timothy and Nicholas heard those words, they were ecstatic. Then, Nicholas entered the ward to visit Tessa. When she saw him, her lips curled to reveal a faint smile. “Nicholas…”

Although she still sounded weak, it wasn’t like yesterday when she couldn’t even voice her words. She could finally speak normally now. He almost burst into tears when he heard her voice.

His eyes started burning as he quickly walked to the bedside and grabbed Tessa’s hands gingerly. Then, he stared at her with affection. “I’m here.”

Their eyes met, and Tessa was close to drowning in Nicholas’ tenderness. They were bored after a while before she demanded, “I want to see my child.”

Ever since she had delivered the child, she had never met her baby and was growing worried.

Nicholas kissed the back of her hand and cajoled her, “I can’t bring the child over now, but I promise I’ll bring you there when you have recovered.” Tessa nodded slightly.

Just like that, he stayed with her and only left the ward when she fell asleep. Three days later, when the doctor confirmed that Tessa’s condition had stabilized, he transferred her from the ICU to the VIP room.

On the day of Tessa’s discharge, both Stefania and Tobias came with George and Kieran in tow to the hospital. Timothy and Sabrina were also there.

The moment they entered the ward, Tessa’s eyes brimmed with tears when she saw the people whom she deeply cared about.

“Mommy, you need to recover soon. I’m worried about you.” Gregory couldn’t hold back his emotions and darted toward his mother’s bedside with concern.

Tessa’s lips curled into a small smile as she comforted him, “Yeah, I will. Don’t worry, Sweetheart.”

When he heard this, he gently nodded before he leaned on his mother. As for the others, they were distressed when they saw a pale Tessa lying weakly on the bed and looking so emaciated.

It was especially so for Timothy, whose eyes were red. “Tess, you have to recover soon.”

“You are already an adult. You shouldn’t be crying.” Tessa mocked him jokingly because she didn’t want him to be disheartened.

He sniffled and responded hoarsely, “That’s because you frightened me, Tess. I thought…”

He thought he would lose his only relative again in the manner that he lost his mother more than a decade ago. Even though Timothy did not say it, Tessa was aware of what he meant, and her heart softened.

“Okay, I’m alright now, so don’t cry. There are so many people. What if they laugh at you?” She grinned as she tried to soothe him.

He was nonetheless still emotional.

When Nicholas noticed Timothy’s little problem, he came over and tried to make him see the brighter side of things. “Timothy, don’t cry. You should be happy now that Tessa is okay and discharged from the ICU.”

“Yes, I should be happy.” Timothy nodded forcefully as though he was convincing himself.

Sabrina, who was standing next to him, handed him a tissue while everyone gave a kind smile. Stefania and Tobias also expressed a few words of concern, making the atmosphere in the ward cozy.

Nicholas had been by Tessa’s side the entire time and watched as she chatted with their family members. The doctor also came to make his rounds later that day.

Then, he asked, “How do you feel, Miss Tessa? Do you feel any discomfort?”

“Apart from the wounds hurting. I’m okay,” Tessa answered truthfully. The doctor nodded. “It’s normal for the wound to hurt. Give it a few days, and it’ll heal on its own.”

After that, he advised her on the precautionary methods she had to take for the next few days.

Both Nicholas and Tessa listened attentively, fearing that one misstep might lead to complications. When the doctor was about to leave, Stefania stopped him and asked, “May I bring some herbs to help with her recovery? I noticed that she’s still weak.”

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