Always Been Yours Chapter 1278

When Remus said those words, Horace could not find it in himself to retort them. Even so, he couldn’t help but plead with Remus, “I know that I’ve gone overboard with my request. But I only have one granddaughter, and I can’t watch her suffer.”

Toward the end, he even started to choke on his tears. Remus was also silent because he could understand what Horace was saying, but that did not mean that Remus had the final say on forgiveness.

After a moment, he sighed and asked in reply, “Horace, if the tables are turned, and someone wants to hurt Wanda and your great-grandchild, what would you do?

I will make them pay for it! That was what Horace thought, but he never expressed it aloud. Even though Horace did not answer the question, Remus could make his own guess. “I suppose you’d have arrived at the same decision,” he said before hanging up.

Over at the Muller Residence, Horace held the phone as Remus’ last words rang in his ears. He knew that Remus never planned on forgiving Wanda. As he thought about it, he was in despair and looked as if he had aged by a decade.

“Wanda, oh, Wanda, I’ve tried my best,” Horace murmured as he covered his face with his hands. He actually knew that he was crossing the boundary by asking Remus to grant his request.

After all, Wanda deserved it, so he had no right to hate Remus and Nicholas. No matter what, Horace still couldn’t watch her being imprisoned for life.

“If only I didn’t bring you over back then, things wouldn’t have come to this.”

Horace had never regretted this moment even more. He truly regretted bringing Wanda back to attend Remus’ birthday party and working with Remus thereafter to matchmake her with Nicholas.

“It’s my fault, which led to this irreversible mistake, he murmured softly as his piercing eyes dimmed and turned red-rimmed due to unshed tears.

Horace had to pull himself together after being in a state of despair because Wanda was still waiting for him to save her.

After all, he was aware that it was impossible to save his granddaughter. The only thing that he could do now was to plead for a lighter sentence on her behalf.

Horace then made use of all his connections in an attempt to reduce Wanda’s criminal responsibility He even asked someone to hire an influential lawyer from abroad in the hopes that it would help her.

“Everyone sympathizes with the weak, but my granddaughter was tortured to commit such evil. If this is used as a defense, would she be able to have a sentence reduction?

“It is possible, but it might not work. So, I’d advise you not to hold out hope,” the lawyer advised instead. Even so, Horace still had his hopes. As for this matter, it naturally did not escape from Edward’s knowledge.

When Edward learned of this, he immediately went to the hospital to inform Nicholas “Mr. Muller has been on the move lately and even hired an influential lawyer from abroad to defend Wanda. From the looks of it, it is to help her reduce her sentencing period.”

“It doesn’t matter what he has done. I still want Wanda to be in jail for the rest of her life to repent for her crimes!” Nicholas ordered darkly as he thought that Horace had his head in the clouds.

His wife was able to survive the ordeal this time, but she almost didn’t, and that was the main point here. So, no matter what, he wanted Wanda to be punished by law and receive the appropriate punishment.

In short, there was no way he would let her off the hook. He wanted Wanda to suffer for causing such hurt to Tessa and the child! “I’ll entrust you with the responsibility of overseeing this matter. I don’t want to read or hear any news about Wanda receiving a lighter sentence.

“I understand,” Edward responded with a nod, after which he left to ensure such a possibility would never come to light. Tessa woke up again that afternoon, which led to a team of doctors and specialists to yet again check on her recovery.

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