Always Been Yours Chapter 1277

Stefania and Tobias didn’t have an opinion about those words and merely laughed in agreement. “Sure looks like Gregory when he was younger.” “It’s just that the child’s eyes and eyebrows are similar to Tessa’s. So, I’m sure the child would be a good-looking one.”

When Remus heard such compliments, he knew that Stefania and Tobias had no clue about the game he played with Nicholas. Remus figured that it was best to spill the beans about Gregory’s background when he had the time.

At that thought, his focus fell on Tessa, who was still in the ICU. Remus turned to Tobias and spoke solemnly, “You have to inform the hospital to provide Tessa with the best treatment possible.”

“I have already done so. Don’t worry.” Tobias nodded before he continued as he thought of something. “Your granddaughter-in-law is amazing, though.”

Remus raised his eyebrow slightly to indicate that he did not object. After all, Tessa had gone through Hell and survived the remarkable journey. Tobias had a different viewpoint, though.

“It was a scary scene. If it hadn’t been for your granddaughter-in-law pushing Gregory out of the way in time and fighting to protect the unborn child, we might have lost both children.”

Tobias and Stefania were both grateful and frightened when they thought about the car accident. Even Nicholas had an imposing expression.

Although Remus was unaware of the situation, he knew it must have been a life-or-death situation based on the scowls on their faces alone.

He turned to look at the child in the incubator and expressed, “Luckily, mother and children are safe.”

“I told Tobias that since both children survived the ordeal, they’d definitely be blessed in the future.” Stefania nodded in agreement. Remus said nothing and merely grinned.

After he visited the child, he started to feel tired, so they returned to his ward. Nicholas stayed back to look after Remus.

Once Remus was seated on the bed, he shooed Nicholas away. “Okay, go ahead and watch Tessa. I’m sure you’re worried sick about her after accompanying me for so long.”

Nicholas didn’t refuse Remus’ words. I’m worried about Tessa after being away for so long. I’m not sure whether she has woken up yet.

“Then, I’ll head over. Let me know if you need anything.” “Go on. You two as well. I’m sleepy, so I want to take a nap.” The latter part of his sentence was directed to Stefania and Tobias.

It was just that Stefania felt uneasy about leaving him like this. Therefore, she spoke up, “Dad, if we leave, you won’t have anyone to take care of you. So, why don’t I stay back?”

“Who said there’s nobody? Isn’t lan a human?” Remus insisted as he tried to shoo the three of them out. We’ve tried our best. Tobias and Stefania followed Nicholas out.

Only lan and Remus were left in the room. After Nicholas and the rest left, Remus sat quietly with thoughts that no one was aware of. lan was worried as he inquired, “Old Master Sawyer, are you okay?”

“I’m alright. Please pass me the phone.” When Remus regained his composure, he looked like he had come to a decision on something.

lan sensed that Remus was up to something, so he quickly handed him the device. As soon as the phone was in Remus’ palm, he immediately gave Horace a ring.

The call was soon connected before Horace’s concern was heard. “Remus, are you alright?”

“I’m alright, but we have a problem,” Remus intoned deeply. Horace took a deep breath and asked with difficulty, “Are you sure you want to do this? We’ve been friends for so long-”

“If you really cherish our friendship, please don’t say such words, and also don’t ask me to let Wanda off the hook, Remus interrupted. “It is a fact that Wanda did something terrible. If my granddaughter-in-law and great-grandchild weren’t blessed, they would have died in the car accident. So, Wanda deserves her punishment!”

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