Always Been Yours Chapter 1276

“Mr. Muller was the one who spilled the beans to your grandpa,” Stefania explained in frustration. An exasperated Remus sat on the hospital bed and glared at Nicholas and the rest before reprimanding, “You guys even conspired to keep the truth away from me! If it hadn’t been for Horace coming over today, I wouldn’t have known that such a serious matter had happened!”

The moment Nicholas heard this, his expression darkened because he never expected that Horace would have the courage to plead with Remus on Wanda’s behalf.

On the other hand, when Stefania saw that Remus was becoming agitated again, she hastily advised him, “Dad, don’t be angry. The doctor said that it’s not good for you.”

“So, you do know I can’t be angry, but you still insist on doing such a thing. So, how can I remain calm?!’ Remus glared ferociously at her.

An embarrassed Stefania cautiously explained, “We were worried that you won’t be able to accept the news.”

“Why can’t I accept the news? I’ve dealt with almost all kinds of situations in my life.” He remained glaring at her. She helplessly continued, “It’s different this.

time. You are way past your prime now, so we can’t afford for you to be all stressed out. Furthermore, Tessa was in a terrible state at that time.” “What do you mean by terrible?”

Remus couldn’t care less about being furious now and was anxious as he queried Stefania, “Tell me this instant! How are Tessa and the baby?”

“They are fine. Both mother and child have survived.” She knew that he was worried, so she gave an abridged description of Tessa and her child’s condition.

Remus knew that Stefania wouldn’t lie to him at this point, so he was relieved to hear the good news. Then, he looked at Nicholas and demanded. solemnly, “Did Wanda really order someone to do this?”

“Yes. I’ve surrendered the witness and the evidence to the police.” Nicholas nodded as his gaze turned cold. “I don’t care if this will ruin our relationship with the Muller Family. Wanda will surely be imprisoned. I won’t turn a blind eye and let her go this time!”

Remus sighed again as he laid his gaze on his determined grandson. “I don’t even want to poke my nose in this matter. She has ruined whatever remnants of a relationship we have. No matter how good my friendship with Horace is, it can’t withstand the impact of her actions.”

As he spoke, he paused for a moment before he angrily continued, “Furthermore, this b*tch wanted my great-grandkid’s life! There’s no way I’ll forgive her!”

Even though he said that he still felt terrible because he and Horace had been friends for ages.

Both Nicholas, Stefania, and Tobias sensed that Remus was dispirited. They were aware that it had hurt him to arrive at such a decision.

The atmosphere in the ward became heavy for a while.

She was concerned that it would affect Remus’ health if he continued to be dejected, so she took the initiative to change the topic. “Now that the matter has been dealt with, don’t worry about it. Come to think of it. You haven’t met your great-grandchild yet. So, let’s head over for a visit, shall we?”

When he heard the words ‘great-grandchild”, this immediately lifted Remus’ spirits. “Of course!’

At that, he struggled to get out of the hospital bed, so Nicholas rushed over to support him. In the end, the entire family headed over to the other section of the hospital to visit Tessa’s child in the incubator.

Now that a few days had passed, the baby had grown a lot. The baby no longer looked prune- like, but he had fair skin and looked chubby.

The difference this time was that the baby was not asleep; rather, the baby was kicking his legs, which made him look adorable.

When Remus saw such a scene, his mood immediately improved. “The child really looks like Gregory when he was a baby.”

He cheerfully informed Nicholas about the resemblance. Nicholas nodded in agreement. “That’s obvious: because they are both my and Tessa’s children.”

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