Always Been Yours Chapter 1275

She then quickly followed Kieran out of the hospital. The corridor soon fell silent after their departure.

Meanwhile, Timothy observed the exhausted Nicholas and couldn’t help but persuade him, “Nicholas, since Tess is awake and out of the woods, why don’t you head home and rest and return later?”

“I’m okay.” Nicholas shook his head in rejection. Even though Tessa regained consciousness and was no longer in danger, he still wanted to be on guard. What if Tessa wakes up and wants to see me, but I’m not there? She’d be so disappointed.

Stefania couldn’t help but feel distressed because her son had lost significant weight int the last few days.

So, she insisted, “Nicholas, just listen to Timothy. Have a good shower and rest for a while. If you continue like this, Tessa herself will disapprove of your actions.”

She tried to help Timothy to persuade Nicholas. She echoed Timothy’s words and threatened, “If you don’t head back, I’ll let Timothy enter first when Tessa wakes. I’ll even let him tell her that you haven’t been taking care of yourself.”

“And I will complain to Mommy, too, Gregory immediately chimed in. Since his father had not been resting for the past few days, he was also genuinely worried that Nicholas’ body would crash.

When he noticed that a few of them were in cahoots with each other, Nicholas threw in the towel and agreed to head home for a shower and rest.

Later, when he packed his belongings and was about to return to the hospital, Andrew rushed over. “Master Nicholas, I’ve just received news that Old Master Remus was admitted to the hospital.”

“When?” Nicholas was shocked as he questioned. “Master Tobias didn’t say and only asked me to inform you to rush to the hospital.”

“Okay” At that, he quickly headed off to the hospital.  By the time he arrived, Remus was already awake. It was because of Mr. Muller that Remus collapsed.

When Tessa met with her car accident, everyone in the family had initially kept the news from Remus Even when the news broke out later on the Internet, Nicholas even asked Kieran to head to the Sawyer Residence to warn the servants not to say anything.

However, Horace came to the house first thing in the morning. Then, he sat on the couch in the living room with a heavy heart. Just when he was deep in thought, he heard Remus speaking, “Why the sudden visit?”

As he spoke, Remus was already seated on the couch and saw the gifts on the table. It was Horace’s treasured items that he asked from Horace several times in the past.

Remus was surprised. “Aren’t these your favorites? Why did you bring them over? Could it be that you are granting my request to have it?”

“…” Horace opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to reply or what to say. Nonetheless, he was too worried about Wanda’s situation and decided to be thick-skinned as he gritted his teeth. “Yes, it’s all meant for you. Even Wanda’s 30% shares as compensation. My only request is that you plead with Nicholas to check if Tessa and her child are safe as well as

to let Wanda off the hook.”

The smile on Remus’ face disappeared as soon as he heard that. “What do you mean? What did Wanda do again?”

“Because of her jealousy, she did something terrible.” After that, Horace immediately confessed what it was that Wanda did.

The moment he heard that Wanda had. instigated someone to run Tessa down, Remus was so angered that he collapsed on the spot.

That was the reason why he was admitted to the hospital. When Nicholas entered the ward and saw his parents, he asked solemnly, “What’s going on?”

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