Always Been Yours Chapter 1274

She spoke silently. Nicholas still couldn’t hear it clearly, but he understood lipreading. So, he could roughly guess what she meant and finally smiled after so many days. “I’ll wait for you to get better. Always will.”

He caught Tessa’s hand and kissed it. At this sight, Tessa broke into a smile. A sweet breath emerged from them as their eyes met. Even the room started to have a sweet smell not long after.

Then, Nicholas stayed for a while more until Tessa fell asleep. Only then did he reluctantly leave the ward. Once he was out of the ward, he noticed that Sofia had arrived and nodded in greeting. “You’re here.”

“I heard that Tessa’s awake, so I rushed over. How’s she? What did the doctor say?” Sofia was exceptionally concerned about Tessa’s well-being and inundated Nicholas with questions.

The others stood by the side and turned to Nicholas with concern because they wanted to ask about Tessa’s situation, especially Gregory, who hugged Nicholas’ leg.

Then, the child eagerly asked, “How’s Mommy, Daddy? Do her wounds hurt?”

Nicholas lowered his head to look at Gregory and gently commented, “Your mommy’s alright, don’t worry.”

At that, he turned to Sofia and described Tessa’s general condition.

“Yes, Tessa’s awake now and is no longer in a critical condition. The next step is for her body to heal and the recovery stage. The doctor said that it may take more than half a year for her to make a full recovery.”

“As long as Tessa is awake, it doesn’t matter how long it takes for the recovery.” Sofia nodded with a smile as she was also relieved.

Stefania eavesdropped from the side and felt that Sofia’s words were reasonable too. Just like Sofia, Stefania smiled as she nodded. “Yes, as long as Tessa’s awake, recovery will much. be easier. I was also worried that the child won’t be able to make it too.

“When I heard that Tessa was in a car accident, I was terrified because mother and child would… Thank heavens they are both alright in the end.”

A scared Sofia also patted her chest. Nicholas looked at the emotion in her eyes and thanked her gratefully. “Thank you for worrying about Tessa.”

When they saw this, Stefania and Tobias felt that Sofia was indeed a great master. Gregory walked up to Sofia and held her hand. “Granny Sofia, you don’t have to worry anymore.

It won’t be long before she’s recovered.” As she looked at the cute child in front of her, she gave a slight nod. “Yup. Your mommy will make a speedy recovery.”

Just like that, the group of people chatted quietly in the corridor. Then, Stefania asked, “Nicholas, have you told Tessa about the baby’s condition? You can’t let her be worried.”

“Yup, I did. When she’s discharged, she can have a visit.” He roughly described what he told Tessa. Gregory was just as eager as he looked over. “Did you mention me?”

“Yup.” Nicholas looked at the child and chuckled. Gregory was extremely happy and wished his mother a speedy recovery.

After chatting for a while, Nicholas noticed that it was getting late and made arrangements with Sofia. “It’s late, so I’ll ask my brother to send you back. Once Tessa is out of the ICU, I’ll give you a ring. Would that be okay?”

“Sure.” Sofia agreed on the spot. After all, she was aware that she couldn’t help much even if she remained. Not to mention that Tessa had to stay in the ICU for a while and couldn’t accept visitors, so there was no point for Sofia to stay back.

Furthermore, being in the hospital was not good for Sofia since there were many people around. When he saw this, Nicholas turned toward Kieran and informed him. “Send Tessa’s master home and take good care of her.”

“Chill. I’ll send her back to the hotel in one piece. Kieran gave his promise. Gregory also waved adieu obediently. ‘See you, Granny Sofia.” “See you. You must listen to your dad.” Sofia then waved before saying goodbye to Stefania and Timothy.

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