Always Been Yours Chapter 1273

Gregory walked dejectedly to Nicholas’ side with an indescribable worry. Stefania and Tobias frowned as well while they worriedly expressed, “Maybe we should look for specialists abroad and ask them to have a look.”

“Mr. Sawyer, Mrs. Sawyer, you don’t have to. Tess is awake, Timothy explained as he smiled. They were both surprised when they heard this. “Awake? When did this happen? Why didn’t anyone inform us?”

Both of them then looked at Nicholas. The corners of Nicholas’ lips curled upward, and he softly explained, “Tessa woke up in the middle of the night last night. Since it was too late, I didn’t inform you.”

At that, the two elders were excited at such news. “Finally.” “Daddy, is Mommy really awake?”  Gregory blinked his big eyes and looked at Nicholas with expectation for his reconfirmation.

Nicholas reached out and rubbed Gregory’s hair as he nodded. “Yes, it’s true. Your mommy’s awake. After a few more days of observation, she can come home.”

“Yay, Mommy’s finally awake.”

Gregory clapped his hands and cheered. Later that afternoon, Tessa woke up again as the doctor had predicted.

When they received the news, Nicholas and others were agitated in excitement. “Doctor, can I enter to see my mommy?” Gregory looked at the doctor with hope.

The doctor nodded. “Of course. But only one person can enter at a time.” At that, Gregory was silent because if only one person can enter the ward, he knew that he wouldn’t be the one to enter.

In fact, it was the truth. The person who entered was still Nicholas. In fact, Timothy also wanted to visit his sister, but he knew that Tessa would want to see Nicholas the most at this time.

Over in the ward, Tessa was still pale as she lay weakly on the bed. “Nicholas…”

When she saw Nicholas entering, she called out for him weakly as her eyes reddened because he looked so haggard, and even his clothes were wrinkled.

It could be said that she had never seen an embarrassed Nicholas. In her memory, he was always tidy. Her heart ached as a result of this moment.

On the other hand, Nicholas saw Tessa gaping at him. Although he couldn’t hear what was said clearly, he knew she was calling him by the shape of her mouth.

“I’m here.”

He rushed forward and kneeled to hold her hand. His voice was a little hoarse and a little choked as he added, “Tim, Mom, and Dad are all outside with Gregory. They are aware and elated that you are awake.”

Tessa nodded slightly and opened her mouth again. “My kid” It was just that she spoke in a tone so soft that it was inaudible.

Even so, Nicholas knew what she wanted to ask and held her hand while he softly replied, “The child is alright in the incubator now. You can pay a visit once you are discharged.”

“That’s good…” she mumbled in greater relief.

Ever since she regained consciousness, she had been worried about the child. After all, when she thought about that situation, she became scared and more frightened that she couldn’t protect the child.

Maybe he saw the emotions in Tessa’s eyes, which was why he leaned over and pecked her on the forehead. With an affectionate voice, he said, “Don’t think about it. You’ve already done your best. My parents and I are grateful to you for saving Gregory and our child without any hesitation.”

“That’s what I should do.” Tessa opened her mouth to respond, but it was a pity that Nicholas couldn’t hear her answer clearly.

He brought her hand to his cheek with tenderness in his eyes. “Promise me, have a speedy recovery. Everyone is waiting for you at home. Not to mention, your master. She even came. So, you must overcome all the obstacles since you know I can’t live with you. Even the kids need you.”

She gently nodded and flashed a smile at Nicholas. “I will recover for everyone’s sake.”

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