Always Been Yours Chapter 1272

Nicholas and Timothy were worried, so they asked, “Then, what’s with the warning sounds?” “That’s exactly what I was about to touch on,” the attending doctor replied before he paused for a second.

Then came the news that Nicholas and Timothy were hoping for. The doctor turned to them and smiled at them. “Congratulations, President Sawyer. Your wife’s awake.”

The moment those words were uttered, Nicholas and Timothy were stunned as they stood there in shock. They were so shocked that they had forgotten how to speak.

The doctor was used to such a scenario. On the contrary, many of the nurses standing behind the doctors covered their mouths and giggled. They felt even more envious of Tessa.

“President Sawyer has such sincere feelings for Tessa. It makes me want to get a boyfriend.” “That’s probably what love is.”

“Mr. Reinhart isn’t that bad either. I heard that he’s still a bachelor.”

Several people discussed in low voices as they observed Timothy with admiration. After all, Timothy fared well in his appearance. and identity, so he was every girl’s dream.

When the attending doctor heard the nurses becoming more outrageous, he turned to shoot them a warning look. The nurses then fell silent soon after.

At this time, he felt that Nicholas and Timothy would have digested the news, so he further explained, “Although the patient is now awake, she fell asleep since her body is weak.

She should be regaining consciousness by tomorrow if there’s nothing wrong. After that, she’ll remain in the ICU for observation for the next couple of days. If there’s nothing major, she’ll be transferred to the VIP room to continue her recovery.

At that, Nicholas and Timothy finally regained their composure. “That’s lovely.”

As Timothy spoke, he felt that his eyes stung. Standing by the side, Nicholas had a sigh of relief because the burden in his heart was now finally lifted.

He glanced at Tessa on the hospital bed before he asked the attending physician, “Can I go in and visit my wife?”

The doctor naturally agreed. Soon, with the nurse’s help, Nicholas wore a protective suit and entered the ward..

In the ward was a pale Tessa lying on the hospital bed. Parts of the life support tubes on her body had been removed by the doctor earlier.

Looking at his still-unconscious wife, he cautiously approached the bed. “That’s great. The doctor said that you have regained consciousness.”

He bent down and murmured those words while helping to tidy Tessa’s scattered hair on her forehead.

There was no reaction from her, but Nicholas couldn’t care less as he gently held Tessa’s hand again with red eyes. “Thank you for being insistent and fighting hard to survive.”

As he spoke, he placed her hand on his cheek and the tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes. Timothy watched the scene with mixed feelings outside the window, but he was just as elated. Tessa is awake; it’s good news.

On the other hand, Nicholas continued to speak to Tessa. “Our child’s out of danger. Just as strong as you. Once you are awake, we can head over for you to carry him.”

“Greg is worried about you too and has been visiting you in the hospital daily.” “Mom and Dad too. They hope that you’ll have a speedy recovery.”

“The dumb*ss who caused your injuries has been caught. Don’t worry, I won’t let him off the hook this time around.”

“Right. Miss Sofia came for a visit. She wanted to wait for you to regain consciousness, but I was worried that she couldn’t cope due to her old age. So, I asked her to head home first.”

“See, we are all worried for you, so you must overcome the obstacles and recuperate fully.” Nicholas babbled for a long time until it was time for the visitors to enter. Then, he reluctantly left the ICU ward.

Stefania and Tobias came for a visit early the next morning and brought Gregory along with breakfast. When they arrived, Gregory ditched his grandma and ran straight for the ICU ward where he tiptoed to look into the ward.

He only saw that his mommy was still asleep before he lowered his head. “Daddy, it’s the fourth day. Will Mommy wake up?” he asked.

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