Always Been Yours Chapter 1271

Timothy even mentioned, “I’ll give you a raise when my sister wakes up.” A disappointed Sabrina was stunned because she didn’t know what to say anymore, but she regained her composure moments later. After all, Tess hasn’t recovered yet, so he won’t be in the mood to think of other matters.

She thought that she would create an opportunity once Tessa woke up. As for the conversation between them both, Nicholas, who was next to him, noticed that something was up.

But he didn’t point it out. He merely said, “You’re so kind, Miss Gulliver.” Sabrina gave a slight smile to end the topic. Then, she turned to the lunchbox and served both men a bowl of soup each.

“President Sawyer, Mr. Reinhart. This soup was simmered on low heat overnight, so it should have a lovely taste now. Drink it while it’s hot.”

As she spoke, she passed the bowls to Nicholas and Timothy respectively. Both men nodded and began to drink the soup. Now that she had served them soup, Sabrina sat with them for a while before she left.

Not long after she left, the hospital employee came to deliver the reclining chair.

At the sight of this, Nicholas said to Timothy, who was next to him. “You should rest first. When it’s nightfall, you’ll take over from me.”

“You should be the one to rest, Nicholas. You haven’t slept much for the past three days.”

Timothy shook his head. He was really worried that if Nicholas were to continue like this, the next one to crash would be Nicholas instead.

“I’m not sleepy yet. Even if I lie down, it’s a waste of time,” came the reply. I give up. Timothy could only lie down and rest.

After a while, the area fell into silence with Nicholas standing there like a stone. He looked at his unconscious wife as he stood quietly in front of the window. Tessa, wake up, please. We’re all waiting for you.

Timothy woke up at around 3.00AM that night. He was about to call Nicholas over to rest when there were movements from the ICU where Tessa was.

When he heard the machine beeping with a warning, he was shocked and thought that Tessa was in trouble as he rushed over.

“Nicholas, what happened? Why is the machine making such a noise?” “Beats me.” Nicholas clenched his fists tightly and shook his head. At this moment, footsteps came from behind them.

It turned out that a team of doctors and nurses rushed over when they heard the warning sound from the machine. When he saw their solemn expressions, Timothy and Nicholas were suspicious.

Nicholas grabbed hold of the last doctor in the line and asked in a trembling voice, “Is my wife in danger?” “I don’t care what methods you use. You must save my sister!” Timothy pleaded.

The doctor looked at the agitated men and hurriedly comforted them. “Mr. Reinhart, President Sawyer. Please calm down. We have no idea what condition the patient is in, so you should wait outside first. As soon as there is news, we’ll immediately inform you.”

The moment he finished speaking, he broke free from Nicholas’ grip and rushed into the ICU ward. Such a sight left Nicholas and Timothy uneasy as they waited outside.

The two quickly walked to the window and saw that the doctors were in their protective attire as they surrounded the bed in helplessness.

It did not help that the machine continued to beep with warning sounds. The anxiety almost overwhelmed Timothy and Nicholas for a moment as they waited anxiously for an update.

Fortunately, the warning sounds finally stopped not long after that.

The doctors who had surrounded the bed dispersed and the nurses stepped forward to move the equipment away as Tessa looked like she was not in danger.

Later, both the doctors and nurses emerged from the ward. At this, Nicholas and Timothy stopped them. “How’s my wife, doctor?”

“How’s Tessa?” Both of them had questioned the doctor at one go with unconcealable worry. The attending doctor removed his mask and persuaded them. “Don’t worry. The patient is absolutely fine.”

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