Always Been Yours Chapter 1270

When it came to the third day with Tessa showing no signs of regaining consciousness, Nicholas panicked. He waited for the doctor to emerge from the room and immediately stopped the doctor. “When would my wife wake up?”

Seeing that Nicholas had a terrible complexion, the doctor did not dare to make any guarantees and only persuaded him. “We won’t know when Miss Tessa will regain consciousness, so we can only have patience. Not to mention, her condition hasn’t worsened in the last two days, which means there’s hope.”

When he heard such words, Nicholas frowned with hostility as he was dissatisfied with this answer. Noticing that Nicholas’ aura was worsening, the several doctors were frightened and Timothy hurriedly rushed over.

“Nicholas, since the doctor has already said that Tess’ condition hasn’t worsened, this is already good news. The car accident might have caused physical trauma to Tess, which is why her body is still undergoing its internal. recovery. This could be the reason why she still hasn’t woken up.”

Timothy comforted Nicholas with such words. Tess still needs the doctor to treat her, so I can’t let Nicholas frighten them off.

When the doctors heard this, they glanced at Timothy with gratitude before they nodded in agreement. “What Mr. Reinhart said is also possible. When a person’s body suffers from trauma, deep sleep is beneficial for the body to repair the damage.”

At that, Timothy convinced Nicholas once again. ‘Nicholas, even the doctor has said so. Let’s just patiently wait for Tessa to wake up.

Nicholas nodded slightly. Apart from waiting, there was nothing else he could do for Tessa. He returned to the lounge chair in the corridor and looked like he had lost his soul.

Timothy noticed Nicholas looking down, but he was glad that his sister had found such a caring man like Nicholas. Not to mention, the exhaustion on Nicholas’ face couldn’t be concealed.

For the past three days, he spent as much time in the hospital as Nicholas. He vigorously rubbed his cheeks in an attempt to stay awake but heard Nicholas’ dark voice from his side. “Head home and rest. I’ll be here to keep an eye.”

“No need. I’m like you. I want to wait for my sister to wake up.” Timothy shook his head in rejection and turned to Tessa, who was lying on the bed, to pray for her silently. I pray that Tess can wake up sooner.

Sabrina happened to visit later. She carried a lot of things including an insulated lunch box and a change of clothes for Timothy.

After she entered the ward, she passed his clothes over and whispered, “Mr. Reinhart, have a change of clothes first. If Tess wakes up and sees that you are refreshed, she’d be at peace too.”

In response, he did not refuse her words and went to change his clothes in the bathroom. When Timothy re-emerged, he looked much more energetic even though he still had bloodshot eyes.

There was tenderness in Sabrina’s eyes as she saw such a scene. It looked like she was his wife as she took the initiative to take Timothy’s dirty clothes from him. “Give them to me. I’ll help you to wash it when I head back in a while.”

“Don’t wash it. Just leave it at home for me. I’ll wash it myself when I’m back, Timothy refused. He did so because it felt that it was weird for someone else to do his laundry since clothes were so close to his body.

Sabrina pursed her lips slightly and did not say anything before she changed the topic. “Oh. yeah, when I was on the way here, I saw that the hospital had rented reclining chairs. So, I asked for one on your behalf. They’ll be delivering it here shortly. By then, you’d be able to have a rest while keeping a close eye on Tess.”

Timothy never expected his assistant to be meticulous and he was moved by her actions. “Thank you.”

“It’s nothing big, Mr. Reinhart. It’s what I’m supposed to do. Looking after you is part of my responsibilities.” She raised her head and watched him intently.

She wanted to imply her feelings to him, but Timothy was as straight as a man could be. So, he never caught on to her feelings.

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